What does Shawn Ask will when the elevator reaches the ground floor?

What does Shawn Ask will when the elevator reaches the ground floor?

Back in the Holloman’s apartment, Will found the gun that Shawn hid in a drawer on his side of their shared bedroom. Will planned to shoot Carlson Riggs, a member of the Dark Suns gang, who he believed killed Shawn. Will entered the elevator and pressed the “L” button to take him down to the ground floor.

Is long way down a poem?

“Long Way Down” is a free verse book, which meaning the book is written in free verse styled poems. Each new poem is similar to the start of a new chapter, resulting in a very fast read.

How can I watch long way up?

All three series are available on Apple TV+, so you can get your Long Way fix all in one place!

What does your life is dependent upon your relationship with words mean?

Your life is dependent upon your relationship with words – Jason Reynolds I think it means if you speak wisely you will have a better life than speaking crazy to people. Music is an important part of most cultures Things that can influence my perception of a person is if they look cool and not lame .

What bike did Eve ride in Long Way Down?

Eve gets five vehicles. It is not known which bikes he will keep. However, among his collection are the BMW R 11250 GS he rode around the world in 2004 for Long Way Round, the R 1200 GS from Long Way Down and the LiveWire from last year’s trip.

Who killed Dani in Long Way Down?

Dani was killed when she was eight-years-old and is wearing the flower dress she died in but looking eight years older. Her death led Shawn to teach Will “The Rules” and she questions him to consider what will happen if he misses, implying that this is how she died, hit by a stray bullet intended for someone else.

What is the long way down?

Long Way Down is a television series and book documenting a motorcycle journey undertaken in 2007 by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, from John o’ Groats in Scotland through eighteen countries in Europe and Africa to Cape Town in South Africa.

Is Long Way Down fiction or nonfiction?

Long Way Down is fiction, meaning that the characters and events are made up.

When Shawn turned 18 What did his mother worry about?

The only thing amiss on Shawn’s side is the middle drawer of his dresser, which contains his gun. Shawn wasn’t an angelic person; once he turned 18, their mother stopped trying to control him.

What is a penny drop in long way down?

carlson riggs. trash talker, used to be friends with shawn, taught shawn a penny drop, the suspected killer. things that happen whenever some is killed. screaming- usually moms/girlfriends/daughters, sirens- lots of them, questions- cops ask people if they saw anything, the rules.

Why did Jason Reynolds become a writer?

Reynolds was named as the Library of Congress’ national ambassador for young people’s literature in January 2020. It’s a two year position to increase appreciation of youth literature. Reynolds is featured in a YouTube series entitled “Write….

Jason Reynolds
Genre Young adult fiction

What type of book is long way down?


What is the moral of Long Way Down?

Long Way Down thoroughly explores the theme of revenge. Will is seeking revenge for his brother Shawn’s murder. Will’s father and brother both engaged in acts of revenge and may have lost their own lives in consequence. The novel looks at both the inevitability and the futility of revenge.

What does the middle drawer symbolize in Long Way Down?

The middle drawer of Shawn’s dresser symbolizes the darkness and danger in Shawn himself. Will explains that the broken middle drawer was the only thing out of place on Shawn’s neat and tidy half of their bedroom—and furthermore, it contained Shawn’s gun.

How did Mikey Die in Long Way Down?

Next onto the elevator is the man Will has been waiting for since he was three years old: Mikey Holloman, Will’s father. According to Will’s mother, Mikey died of a broken heart after his brother Mark’s death.

Are Ewan and Charlie still friends?

Charley and Ewan first hit our screens in their 2004 series, Long Way Round, which saw the pair experience the many different cultures across Europe and Asia. However, the pair have since admitted that after the series made its debut, their friendship began to break down.

How long does it take to read long way down?

4 hours and 37 minutes

How can I watch long way for free?

Where to Stream Long Way Up For Free? The only way to watch ‘Long Way Up’ for free is to have an Apple ID, and use the Apple TV trial period. We urge readers to pay for the art they consume.

What did Jason Reynolds say about Shakespeare being boring?

Young adult novelist Jason Reynolds shared some thoughts on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, plainly stating, “Young people are allergic to boredom.” He doesn’t mean Shakespeare is boring—the guy’s been dead for more than 400 years and yet his plays are still everywhere—but the way it’s being taught can be pretty drab.