What does zigzag do to Stanley in holes?

What does zigzag do to Stanley in holes?

Pendanski upside the head with a shovel. In the book Zigzag apologizes to Stanley Yelnats IV for beating him up at the end of the story. At the end of the movie when Mr.

What is a quote from Stanley in holes?

Stanley felt like he was holding destiny’s shoes.” “Well, let me tell you something, Caveman. You are here on account of one person. If it wasn’t for that person, you wouldn’t be here digging holes in the hot sun” […] “That person is you, Stanley.

Who tells Stanley to hit zigzag in holes?

Mr. Pendanski
One thing leads to another and Zigzag looks for a fight with Stanley. Mr. Pendanski tells Stanley to hit Zigzag to teach the bully a lesson, and Stanley retaliates. The boys attack Stanley, and only Zero defends him.

How is zigzag described in holes?

ZigZag is a blonde male camper in Group D who is white and has a big round head according to the book and a long neck. His hair sticks out as if he had been electrocuted.

Why was zigzag mad at Stanley?

But Zigzag won’t back up X-ray’s story. Instead, he tells the truth: he was angry because Zero has been digging Stanley’s holes for him.

How does zigzag release his anger towards Stanley?

How does Zigzag release his anger towards Stanley? He hits him in the head with a shovel.

How is Stanley Yelnats shy?

Stanley Yelnats is a shy, awkward and overweight boy who comes from an overprotective family. He often lacks courage and self-confidence. Stanley has a dry sense of humor and sees the positive in unfortunate situations. During his time at the detention center, Stanley develops a stronger sense of self-identity.

Why is Stanley nickname Caveman?

While he was trying to avoid a fight with the other boy, X-Ray and Armpit believe that he was being brave and perhaps instigating a fight. The irony of Stanley, who only wants to avoid fights, being named Caveman is similar to the irony of Rex, who is practically blind, being named X-Ray.

What is zeros reaction when zigzag beats up Stanley?

When Zero takes his turn in Stanley’s hole, Zigzag, X-Ray, and Armpit again suggest that Stanley get a whip to hit his slave with. They ask Stanley if he’s better than them and discuss that, since he is, they should all be digging Stanley’s hole for him.

What is Zero’s reaction when zigzag beats up Stanley?

Zero joins in and attacks Zigzag, pulling him off of Stanley and starting to choke him. Just when things look really dire, Armpit pulls Zero away from Zigzag and Mr. Pendanski fires his pistol into the air to signal for help. Whew.

When did Zigzag hit Stanley?

Chapter 17 The Warden then tells Mr. Pendanski that he is giving the boys too much water. As they continue to dig Zigzag knocks Stanley in the head with a shovel, cutting a gash near his ear. Mr.

Why did zero dig Stanley’s hole?

Stanley points out that Zero didn’t steal them either to which Zero responds, “You didn’t steal the sneakers.” After this, Stanley offers to teach Zero to read and they work out a deal in which Zero will dig Stanley’s hole for an hour every day so that Stanley won’t be as tired when he teaches Zero.

What do Stanley and zigzag think of zero?

Zigzag declares Zero a “weird dude,” but Stanley thinks that Zigzag is objectively weirder: his neck… (full context) …that Group D always lines up in the same order: X-Ray first, then Armpit, Squid, Zigzag, Magnet, Zero, and finally Stanley.

Where are Stanley and zig-zag’s cameras?

Zig-Zag: Oh, man, she’s got the whole place wired. Oh yeah, she has these little cameras and microphones all over the place. In the tent, in the rec room, in the showers. Stanley: They’re not in the showers.

How does Stanley react when zigzag’s shovel hits him?

Stanley is relieved, though his head is swollen and painful where Zigzag ‘s shovel hit him and it makes digging difficult. Otherwise, Stanley isn’t sore—the digging has made… (full context) …sunflower seeds. Magnet tosses Mr. Sir’s bag of seeds to X-Ray, Armpit, Squid, and then Zigzag.

What kind of person is zigzag in the Outsiders?

Zigzag is one of the boys in Tent D. He’s white and one of the tallest at camp, though this is mostly because his neck is exceptionally long. He takes a great deal of offense to Stanley and Zero’s agreement for Zero to dig part of Stanley’s hole, so he begins a fight with Stanley with Mr. Pendanski’s blessing.