What happened to Guinan on Star Trek?

What happened to Guinan on Star Trek?

As a refugee aboard the El-Aurian vessel Lakul, she is rescued from the Nexus by the USS Enterprise-B. This is part of the opening act of Star Trek Generations, the 1994 film made after the series’ seven-year run concluded. Guinan did not appear in the next two Star Trek films (First Contact and Insurrection).

How many episodes of Star Trek was Whoopi Goldberg in?

29 episodes
Goldberg appeared in 29 episodes over the seven-season run of “TNG,” including some of the most beloved “TNG” episodes of all time — “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” “The Best of Both Worlds” and “I, Borg” — as well as the feature films “Star Trek: Generations” and “Star Trek: Nemesis.”

How old is Guinan on Star Trek?

600 years old
Well over 600 years old now, Guinan hid out from her father on Earth in AD 1893 as a mature adult and had an imaginary Tarcassian razor beast as a childhood pet — and still finds time to “talk” to him. She herself has been married at least twice and has “a lot” of children.

Can Guinan fight Q?

Dealings with Q He advised Picard to get Guinan off the ship, and added he would be more than pleased to “expedite her departure.” In response, Guinan raised her hands, implying she had a special ability to defend herself from Q’s powers.

Is Guinan a Time Lord?

Guinan, of ‘Star Trek,’ Would Be a Great Time Lord on ‘Doctor Who’ Immortal beings have to stick together, so it would only make sense for the titular time traveler from Doctor Who to take on Guinan from Star Trek as a temporary companion, or perhaps as a fellow Time Lord!

Is Guinan immortal?

Guinan stated in the TNG episode “Rascals” that her father was 700 years old and in good health, which suggests the El-Aurian lifespan far exceeds 700 years. This means El-Aurians are not immortal in the same way as a species like the Q, who truly cannot be killed except if they are stripped of their powers.

Why are Captain Picard and Guinan so close?

They love each other. Guinan has loved him since the 19th century when he saved her life. She referenced it a few times during the series. Picard then fell in love with her after the events of Time’s Arrow, realizing why she came into his life in the first place.

Who created the Borg?

Maurice Hurley

The Borg
Created by Maurice Hurley
Base of operations Delta Quadrant
Leader The Borg are one single mind which is sometimes represented by the Borg Queen

What is 10 forward?

Ten Forward is the hub of the ship’s social activity. Everyone on board comes here. Jean-Luc Picard. Ten Forward was a lounge and recreation facility located on Deck 10, forward section 1 of a Galaxy-class starship. ( TNG: “The Child”, “Power Play”, “Deja Q”)

Are the Borg aware of Q?

The Borg do not act like they have any awareness of the Q. Even if they did, it would not matter to them because the Q is not matter! They cannot assimilate non-corporal beings without technology so they have zero interest in the Q.

Is ten forward a bar?

Ten Forward is a performing arts venue and bar in downtown Greenfield MA.

What deck is 10 forward on?

It is on deck 10 at the front of the ship.

Is Guinan a good character in Star Trek?

In 2018, CBR ranked Guinan the 8th best recurring character of all Star Trek. In 2018, Screen Rant ranked Guinan as one of the top 8 most powerful character’s of Star Trek, remarking “Guinan is one of Star Trek’s greatest enigmas” and her appearance as the Ten-Forward bartender on Starfleet’s NCC-1701D Enterprise.

Is Guinan a TNG character?

The character Guinan, looking like the TNG character, appears in various TNG comics series including: A line and ink style Comic version of Guinan appears on the cover of Star Trek: The Next Generation Special “Good Listener/A True Son of Kahless” published September 1, 1993.

How many episodes of Star Trek is Guinan in?

Guinan appears in about 29 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, an American television series that was produced from 1987–1994.

Why is Guinan so popular?

After all, Guinan is part of a nomadic species called El-Aurians. Her people are known as listeners, and members of other species often find themselves compelled to unload their problems on any nearby El-Aurians. It’s not a trait all El-Aurians value, but Guinan embraces her role and offers her centuries-won wisdom whether it’s asked for or not.