What happens in Chapter 29 of Tom Sawyer?

What happens in Chapter 29 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 29: Huck Saves the Widow When Tom sees Becky, he learns that her picnic is planned for the following day, so the Injun Joe predicament drops to secondary importance. Assuming them to be Injun Joe and his companion, he decides that there is no time to fetch Tom—the two men are escaping with the gold.

How did Buck die in Huckleberry Finn?

Huck’s reluctance to reveal the true nature of what happened, combined with the way in which he comes across Buck’s body two paragraphs later, clearly indicates that Buck was shot to death as he tried to swim away from the Shepherdsons, and that his death was gruesome and painful.

Why do Joe and Huck want to leave the island?

Why did Tom and Joe want to run away? They were depressed because they wanted to get attention and were getting mistreated from their parents, and they thought no one would care if the boys were gone.

What does Tom find behind Door No 2 at the tavern?

He and Huck discuss how they will find “den number two.” Tom discovers that “Number Two” is lived in by a young lawyer, and that the other “Number Two” is a room in the Temperance Tavern which is kept locked except late at night. On a dark night, Huck stands guard while Tom tries the Temperance Tavern door.

Who gets homesick in Tom Sawyer?

But Joe’s spirits had gone down almost beyond resurrection. He was so homesick that he could hardly endure the misery of it.

What was Tom Sawyer’s secret?

In desperation, Tom reveals his “secret,” a little plan that’s good enough to keep them from leaving. After dinner, Tom decides he wants to learn how to smoke from Huck. He and Joe puff on a pipe for the first time and boast about how much they love it, how they could smoke all the time, etc.

What is the purpose of Chapter 14 in Huckleberry Finn?

Chapter 14 continues to define Huck and Jim’s roles, with Jim constantly proving himself as the more practical and mature person despite Huck’s ability to read. Initially, Huck accepts Jim’s rationale when he describes why the Walter Scott presented so much danger.

What happens in chapter 30 of Huckleberry Finn?

Summary: Chapter 30 The dauphin nearly strangles Huck out of anger at his desertion, but the duke stops him. The con men explain that they escaped after the gold was found. The duke and the dauphin each believe that the other hid the gold in the coffin to retrieve it later, without the other knowing.

What happens in chapter 27 of Huckleberry Finn?

Summary: Chapter 27 Huck hides the sack of money in Peter Wilks’s coffin as Mary Jane, crying, enters the front room where her dead father’s body lies. Huck realizes he will never know whether the duke and the dauphin have gotten the money back.

How does Tom convince Joe and Huck to stay?

How did Tom convince Huck to stay with the Widow Douglas? He said that he only wanted respectable people in his gang and told him to stay with the Widow Douglas.

What role does education play in the scene?

Answer: In this scene, we see education is seen as important by some and optional to others. Education, at this time, was a symbol of civilized behavior. Thus, Huck’s freedom is envied by all of the boys but looked down upon by the community.

What did Huck teach Tom and Joe?

Huck taught Joe and Tom to smoke.

Who does Huck stay with in Chapter 17?

the Grangerfords

How did Tom and Becky get out of the cave?

How did Tom and Becky escape the cave? Tom went searching again with his kite line for a way out and saw a speck of daylight. He found the hole and they climbed through.

What happens in chapter 16 of Huckleberry Finn?

Summary: Chapter 16 If their masters refuse to give up Jim’s family, Jim plans to have some abolitionists kidnap them. When Huck and Jim think they see Cairo, Huck goes out on the canoe to check, having secretly resolved to give Jim up. Huck comes upon some men in a boat who want to search his raft for escaped slaves.

What happens in Chapter 14 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 14: Happy Camp of the Freebooters In fact, they find relief in being severed from their last link to St. Petersburg. Huck finds a spring nearby, and the boys go fishing and come up with a bountiful and delicious catch. After breakfast, Tom and Joe explore the island and find pirate life nearly perfect.

What happens in Chapter 18 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 18: Tom Reveals His Dream Secret Aunt Polly seems amazed by the power of Tom’s vision and forgives him for not having visited her. Sid, meanwhile, wonders suspiciously how this dream could be so precise and detailed. At school, Tom is declared a hero and basks in the adulation of his peers.

What is Huck’s moral dilemma in Chapter 16?

Huck’s Dilemma He realizes that Jim’s running away is against the law, and that he’s helping him do it. He feels bad, like he’s stealing from Miss Watson, who only ever wanted to help Huck out. He’s so miserable he ‘most wished’ he was dead.