What happens to Caliban at the end of the play?

What happens to Caliban at the end of the play?

And worship this dull fool! The audience can only assume that when Prospero leaves the island, as he says he will do at the end of this play, he will leave Caliban on the island to live on his own island untroubled by Prospero any longer.

How does Prospero forgive Caliban?

Prospero sends Ariel to fetch them. Alonso, Sebastian and Antonio cannot believe that Prospero is alive. Prospero confronts each of the men in turn, reminds them of their sins and then forgives them. Prospero forgives Caliban and with a final request for calm seas and kind winds, he sets Ariel free.

How does Caliban tend to use language?

How does Caliban tend to use language and why? He uses it to curse and insult others because he only knows the hateful words that Prospero and Miranda use towards him. Prospero’s goal is to have Miranda become queen so Prospero is aware of Ferdinand’s role as royalty whereas he treats Caliban like dirt.

What language is the tempest written in?


What does Ariel and Caliban represent in The Tempest?

Ariel remains always cheerful and shows due respect to Prospero. However, Caliban is a symbolic character. He symbolizes an embodiment of the supernatural, a slave, and a dispossessed indian. On the other hand, Ariel is the symbol of modesty and loyalty.

How are Ariel and Caliban foil to each other?

Ariel and Caliban provide contrast to each other by virtue of how they got and bear their position as servants. Prospero did Ariel a favor, so Ariel’s servitude is something of his paying off his debt in the interest of earning the ultimate prize: his freedom. Caliban earned his servitude by trying to rape Miranda.

What does Caliban look like in The Tempest?

Caliban: His Physical Appearance He is ‘freckled,’ a misshapen knave’, ‘not honoured with a human shape. ‘ Prospero calls him ‘thou tortoise. ‘ Trinculo stumbling upon him describes him thus: “A strange fish… Legged like a man!

What role does Caliban play in The Tempest?

Caliban, the son of the witch Sycorax, is Prospero’s slave. He has lived on the island longer than any other character. he is resentful of the work he must do for Prospero but, though he complains and curses, he is fearful of his master and does what he is told. …

Where was Caliban confined and why?

Before Prospero’s arrival, Caliban was free to roam the entire island and when Prospero arrived he took him into his own cell and tried to teach him things, including language, but when Caliban tried to violate Miranda, Prospero confined him to a stone cave and a limited area around it.