What is a 2006 Victoria Cross 50p worth?

What is a 2006 Victoria Cross 50p worth?

Collector Value: £1.20 is a mid-point price for Victoria Cross medal 50p coins marked as sold on eBay UK. The price range for a good condition circulated example of this 50p coin is between £1.04 and £1.25. Coin values based on 197 eBay sales selected from data collected 19/01/2021 19:49:30.

What is the rarest 50 pence piece?

The rarest 50p in existence is one featuring the pagoda at London’s Kew Gardens park. After its release in 2009 to mark 250 years since Kew Gardens opened in 1759, the Royal Mint estimates around 210,000 were made. It features the famous pagoda on the tails side with the Queen’s face as normal on the other.

Are any 50 pence coins valuable?

Most of the time, 50p pieces are not worth more than their face value -but on the rare occasion, some can fetch far more when sold. Many Brits are being urged to check their change for rare 50ps as they are being flogged online for as much as £11,000.

Why is 2008 Britannia 50p rare?

Britannia has been on the face of the 50p coin until 2008, when the decision was made to remove her from the coin. She was replaced by the new Royal Shield in 2008 as the standard 50p design, and none have been issued since, making the ones minted in that year valuable to collectors.

Is the Brexit 50p rare?

A rare coin has sold for thousands of pounds on eBay. The special 50p was made to mark the UK leaving the EU and one has sold for £15,000. But you might be in luck to find yourself one too as there are 10 million Royal Mint Brexit 50ps still in circulation, the Mirror reports.

What are the rarest 2 pound coins?

  1. 2002 Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland – £53.
  2. 2002 Commonwealth Games England – £30.
  3. 2002 Commonwealth Games Scotland – £18.
  4. 2015 First World War (navy) – £10.
  5. Olympic handover – £20.
  6. London 2012 handover – £16.
  7. Olympic centenary – £9.
  8. King James Bible – £16.

Where can I sell my 50 pence coins?

eBay can provide a good market place for this, but I’ve found it to be over saturated and buyers are wary of buying fakes. If you can find a coin collector near you, they may offer you a realistic price for your coins, depending on how valuable and rare your 50p coins really are.

How can you tell a rare coin?

Look for errors, cracks, edge imperfections, and missing parts. Fake coins can be spotted if you notice that your coin looks as if two coins were joined together to create it. You can always consult with a guidebook if you are unsure if your coin is fake, or speak with a coin dealer.

How rare is a Sherlock Holmes 50p?

How rare is the Sherlock Holmes 50p? In short, the Sherlock Holmes 50p isn’t very rare. According to Change Checker the Sherlock Holmes 50p has a circulating mintage of 8,602,000. That’s means there are almost 8.4 million more knocking about than the official rarest 50p coin, the Kew Gardens 50p.

Is a Benjamin Bunny 50p rare?

The trouble with error coins is that they are extremely rare to find and could be one of only a handful, or even one of a kind. The Royal Mint is able to verify coins to check they are genuine. It is worth noting this particular Benjamin Bunny 50p only ended up attracting two bids on it after a five-day auction.

What is the most expensive old coin?

Cost: $10 Million The most expensive coin in the world is the 1794/5 Flowing Hair Silver/Copper Dollar. Several expert Numismatic researchers believe that this was the very first silver coin to be minted and issued by the U.S Federal Government.

What is a 2006 2 pound coin worth?

The 2006 Isambard Kingdom Brunel Engineer design is the twentyninth rarest £2 coin in circulation and has a value of 2 pounds, but collectors of coins currently pay £2.29* to own this coin.

What is the date on the 2006 Victoria Cross 50p?

This 2006 Victoria Cross 50p marks the 150th Anniversary of the institution of the Victoria Cross and is designed by Claire Aldridge. It features two Victoria Cross medals, one with the words FOR VALOUR and the other the date 29. JAN 1856.

Who designed the Victoria Cross 150th anniversary coin?

The standard Britannia design and two commemorative coins, both to mark the 150th anniversary of the Victoria Cross – one represents heroic acts and the other shows the medal itself. Obverse Type 4 (bust design by Ian Rank-Broadley):

Who is on the reverse of this 2006 Victoria Cross coin?

The reverse, Clive Duncan, depicts a soldier carrying a wounded comrade with an outline of the Victoria Cross surrounded by a sunburst effect in the background. Obverse is the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley. Image credit: M J Hughes Coins. Minted at The Royal Mint. Remember 2006? Elizabeth II was in her 54th year as Queen.

How many 50p coins were issued in 2006?

Three different 50p coins were issued in 2006. The standard Britannia design and two commemorative coins, both to mark the 150th anniversary of the Victoria Cross – one represents heroic acts and the other shows the medal itself. Obverse Type 4 (bust design by Ian Rank-Broadley):