What is a 30hxc?

What is a 30hxc?

The 30HXC units are freshwater- or seawater-cooled chillers, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of today and tomorrow: Non-ozone depleting HFC-134a refrigerant. Screw compressors. Fits through narrow access doors without disassembly. Mechanically cleanable evaporators and condensers. Wide range of marine & offshore customizations.

What is 30hxc water-cooled chiller?

The 30HXC water-cooled chiller with environmental stewardship HFC-134a refrigerant, high efficiency, high reliability. With icing, heat pump and hot water application.

What type of refrigerant is used in HFC compressors?

Chlorine-free R-134a HFC refrigerant. Low energy consumption during part load and full load operation. Twin-rotor, gear-driven, multiple screw compressors allow precise capacity matching of building load changes and significantly reduce unit power input, especially at part-load.

Who is car carrier?

Carrier is a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies. Supported by the iconic Carrier name, the company’s portfolio includes industry-leading brands such as Carrier, Kidde, Edwards, LenelS2 and Automated Logic.