What is a DBX 162sl?

What is a DBX 162sl?

The name Dbx is pretty much synonymous with dynamic control in one form or another, and one of the latest products to emerge is the 162SL dual-channel compressor/limiter — a derivative of the flagship 160SL unit (reviewed in 160S form in SOS January 1998).

What kind of compressor is waves Dbx 160?

The original Dbx 160 was a hard-knee compressor; later variants included soft-knee versions, but Waves’ emulation is modelled on the original hard-knee design. Blackmer’s design used a VCA built from discrete components as its gain-control element.

Is the Yamaha Dbx 160 good for drums?

The Dbx 160 is often talked about as a drum compressor, and I have to admit that drums is what it does best, though it’s also worth trying on bass parts, electric guitar and even vocals.

How easy is it to set up a Dbx 160?

The adoption of auto attack and release times that respond to the envelope of the input signal makes the Dbx 160 very simple to set up, as other than adjusting the output level, there’s really only the Threshold and Compression controls to think about.