What is a keytar?

What is a keytar?

The term “keytar” is a portmanteau of the words “keyboard” and “guitar”. This style of keyboard was mostly referred to by manufacturers as a ” MIDI Controller “, “Remote Keyboard”, “Strap-on Keyboard”, or variations thereof.

Who invented Syntar keytar?

PMS Syntar and its inventor, George Mattson (Performance Music Systems). Syntar was the earliest keytar synthesizer product exhibited at 1979 Atlanta NAMM.

How do keytars work with MIDI controllers?

In either case, a keytar needs to be connected to a keyboard amplifier or PA system to produce a sound that the performer and audience can hear. MIDI controller keytars trigger notes and other MIDI data on an external MIDI-capable synthesizer, sound module or computer with synthesizer software.

Where did the term’keytar’come from?

The earliest printed use of the word “keytar” was in 1980, when it appeared in an interview with Jeffrey Abbott (Keytarjeff) by Tom Lounges of Illianabeat magazine (now Midwest BEAT Magazine) who now hosts a weekly interview show featuring legends of the music industry on N.W. Indiana’s PBR radio station.