What is an essay?

Essay is a genre of prose fantasy, which is not very large amount of text and free composition. Essay expresses private emotions and the views of the writer on the exact occasion or subject and does not undertake to a comprehensive or definitive explanation of the subject.

The size and roles border on an academic note and a writer’s sketch (with which essay is often confused), with another – with a philosophical treatise. For syllable characteristic of the narrative essay, playfulness associations, consectively setting on the awareness and also spoken intonation.

Essay missions, listeners and data

The most important points of essay are: reporting, persuasion and pleasure of the reader, the writer’s self-expression or the Union of a single, or a number of points. Their successful conquest depends on the skill of the Creator to professionally identify your own audience. Good essay is distinguished by a kind of understanding, understanding of the image and an effective set.

The progress of the essay is basically of these steps: achieving purpose, device themes, selection of events, formation of organized sampling, elaboration of basic acceptance, slaganje draft.

Essay subjects


The story connects the events in the order found, in most chronological. The main function in the narrative performs action and conflict. The story is usually described from the original or, for example, a third representative. The story is made around fundamental events and quite often contains a communication, which demonstrates the action and then helps to draw the reader into the narrative.


The description describes emotional impressions: visual, receptive, tactile, olfactory, gustatory. The overall mood of essay is created by the dominant feeling. In order to create a description it is necessary to choose an observational moment, select and arrange the details with the help of a spatial or in other words (less often) chronological company

Process definition

A variant of recreations, often allocated to a separate group, is a description of the processes, which are established in order to explain to the readers how this is done or occurs.


Demonstration of need in the interests of clarification of ideas. When choosing samples, you need to make sure that they provide the idea and they are enough for this mission.


The classification divides the extensive phrase types by any established method, dedicate a variety of amazingness separate categories Yes shows how these properties vary between places.


Comparing values of 2 or a set of papers on affinity. Usually it will help to make a selection between possibilities, but also introduces the reader to unknown objects. All of the elements of the correlation was to combine something of the joint and rely on well-vysotnye elements, showing what exactly the compared items are similar and what really differ.

Cause and effect

The root and the withdrawal section constitute causality. Essay, where the investigation is applied, examines the circumstances – the reasons why there are any impacts and circumstances, and the results – the consequences of these steps and criteria.


The main purpose of essay-definition – to find out the meaning of expressions or in other words concepts. All of them are of 3 types: by means of synonyms; existing and illuminated, which are a Union of other essay types (description, display, sequence of the process and so on).


Argumentative essays, settling on naturally constructed facts, wants to assure the reader to be in solidarity with some judgment, to do a certain action or perform both. Its target writers argumentative essay achieve through rational impact, based on the immutable truth, the point of view of authorities, the main sources of information collected on the statistics of testimony and others.; emotional and ethical acts.