What is custard slang for?

What is custard slang for?

“No one’s watching the custard” means “no one’s watching the TV.” “Custard and jelly” rhymes with “telly.”

What does Uncle mean in British slang?

British Dictionary definitions for uncle uncle. / (ˈʌŋkəl) / noun. a brother of one’s father or mother. the husband of one’s aunt.

What does daddy long legs mean slang?

Slang (chiefly U.S., Canadian, and Austral) the supreme or finest example. the daddy of them all. daddy-longlegs. n. 1 (Brit) an informal name for a → crane fly.

What is a buster in slang?

(informal, often as a term of address) A guy, fellow; a friend. Oi, buster, stop following me around everywhere! noun. A loser, uncool person. Stop being a buster.

What does custard cream mean in slang?

Informal a promising person or thing that turns out to be unsuccessful: her leadership is already a busted flush.

Is Uncle a slang word?

The husband of one’s aunt. (slang, former) A pawnbroker. (informal, former) Any elderly man.

Why do Altoids say uncle?

Thus, the essence of giving up, or surrendering, by crying “uncle” would result in his immediate release. I suspect that these cinnamon Altoids are so curiously strong as they may induce the eater to cry, “uncle”. They are very hot, you know! 12 of 13 found this helpful.

What do you call a person with long legs?

awkward. bony. gawky. lanky.

Where do people say Daddy Long Legs?

The British, some Canadians, and some southeastern Americans use the “daddy” term for long-legged flies (crane flies, family Tipulidae) (below, left), which are insects.

What does it mean when a guy calls you buster?

: a person or thing that breaks something apart. —used to address a man who is behaving in a way you do not like. See the full definition for buster in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What’s the meaning of Ghostbuster?

a person who claims that they can get rid of ghosts and evil spirits: On the show, young ghostbusters hunt down evil spirits.

How old are custard creams?

Country of Origin and Usage. The custard cream is said to have originated in 1908 in England. The design of the biscuits is quite Victorian with baroque markings such as Victorian ferns which were trendy in the latter half of the 19th century. These biscuits are also very popular in Ireland.

Did Uncle Tobys Vita Brits change their recipe?

Have Uncle Tobys Vita Brits changed? In January 2021, we made a few small changes to our Uncle Tobys Vita Brits recipe and packaging. Rest assured our biscuits are still made using 100% Australian whole grain wheat with a dash of salt and absolutely no added sugar.

Where do Uncle Tobys oats come from?

Uncle Tobys has been processing oats since 1893 and we only source our Oats from local farmers in Australia. Most of our Oats come from within 250km of the Uncle Tobys factory in Wahgunyah by the banks of the the Murray river. How do I cook oats to get the best result? Check out our fail safe guides for cooking the perfect bowl of porridge.

Do Uncle Tobys® products contain palm oil?

Do Uncle Tobys® products contain palm oil? Our cereals don’t use palm oil as an ingredient, however some of our snacks do contain sustainable and traceable palm oil, certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Where do you source your grains?

Do Uncle Tobys use genetically modified ingredients?

At Uncle Tobys we don’t use genetically modified ingredients, as defined by food regulations. We also require our suppliers to ensure that they don’t supply genetically modified ingredients to us.