What is eatx12v?

What is eatx12v?

Re: What is the EATX12V connector used for on ASUS Maximus VI motherboards? Having just Googled it, it seems the ‘EZ Plug’ (gotta love marketing names!) is optional – it’s supposed to help improve system stability by providing extra power to the PCIe cards when using multiple graphics cards.

Is eatx12v needed?

That’s 100% correct. You don’t need it.

What is U32G1_12?

Yes, U32G1_12 header contains connection for two USB 3.2 ports on PC case. That is, for those two USB 3.2 ports on PC case, a single cable/connector is used on motherboard side. That is, even U32G1_12 header is a single connector, it contains two physical USB connections.

What is EPS12V?

EPS12V is a special, non-ATX standard adopted by the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) group to provide a more powerful and stable environment for critical server-based systems and applications. EPS12V equipment is not compatible with standard ATX or ATX12V PCs found in homes and offices.

Is EATX 12v for CPU?

1 Answer. The cable your motherboard is requiring you to plug in is an 8-pin CPU/EPS ATX power, which is also called EATX12V, connector.

What is the ATX12V connector used for?

ATX12V connector: This 4-pin connector is used to provide electrical current to the system CPU and must be installed on the motherboard.

What is JUSB4?

J USB 4. The name of one of your Mobo’s usb headers. It’s likely a USB 2.0 header if your 3.0 connector does not fit it.

What is JAUD1?

JAUD1 is the jumpers that connect the audio signal from the motherboard to the chassis front panel. JAUD1 is located on the lower left corner of the mainboard and marked with [JAUD1].

What is a 8 pin eatx12v used for?

eatxpwr = 24 pin is essentially your Mobo power and eatx12v = 8 pin is essentially your CPU power. Some board have 2x 8 pin (2x eatx12v) and with this your CPU can draw more juice.

What’s the difference between ATX and ATX12V?

Another difference between ATX and ATX12V is the power efficiency rating, which determines how much power is pulled from the wall compared to the output of the computer. Some older ATX PSUs have an efficiency rating below 70 percent, while the ATX12V standard requires a minimum rating of 80 percent.

Is ATX 12V the CPU?

Connects to the motherboard ATX 12V socket. Provides additional power to the CPU. A hybrid of the 4 PIN ATX12V and EPS 12V connectors that can be split in half or combined to accommodate either the EPS 12V Socket or the ATX 12V socket.

What is JUSB3?

According to the motherboard manual, JUSB1 and JUSB2 are USB 2.0 connectors, while JUSB3 and JUSB4 are USB 3.0 connectors.

Do I need to connect eatx12v_2 as well?

But do I need to connect EATX12V_2 (the second one) as well? Or is that just for extreme overclocking? And yes manual says to ensure to connect both 8-pin power plugs. important bits in the manual on every new motherboard. Thou I maybe use

How do I connect the eatx12v_1 to the X370?

On the crosshair x370 crosshair VI extreme, it has an 8 pin EATX12V_1 and a 4 pin EATX12V_2. Now I connect an 8 pin cable inserted at the labeled “CPU/PCIE” on a seasonic titanium PSU and the 8 pin connector goes to the EATX12V_1, then for the 4 pin EATX12V_2, I have this 4+4 pin cable also connected to another “CPU/PCIE” on the PSU.

What is an EPS12V connector?

This connector is also know as: EPS12V (Extended Power Supply) EATX12V (Extended ATX) 8 pin MOLEX 39-01-2080 connector at the cable. 2×4 pin connector at the cable. Many power supplies come with a 4+4 pin 12 volt cable which is compatible with both 4 and 8 pin motherboards.

How much power does the EZ_plug connector use?

An overclocked 8 core / 16 thread Ryzen cpu will use around 140-160 watts, and the 8 pin connector is good for up to around 300 watts of power. My guess is that the EZ_PLUG connector is there to provide additional 12v for the PCI-E slots, in case you install several graphics cards.