What is essay exactly?

Essay is a genre of prose writing of small size and free composition. Essay makes personal impressions and views of the writer according to the exact question or object and does not undertake to perfect or establishing clarification of the subject.

The range and functionality coexist with an academic note and a literary sketch (which essay is often confused with), on the other – with a philosophical treatise. For style writing essay peculiar metaphor, associations, conciseness, installation of immodesty and of course speaking.

Essay goals, listeners and properties

Central essay is: notification, certification and merriment of the reader, the self-realization of the writer or compound 1, or certain task. Their successful goal-attainment is dependent on the skill of the writer to well establish a personal group. A good essay distinguishes between a unique consideration, an understanding of taste and a better aggregate.

The process of compiling essay generally consists of such periods: the comprehension of the problem, the attribute of the object, the accumulation of information, the organization of the collected collection, the production of the dominant adoption, the addition of the draft.

Essay subjects


The story links the actions in the found sequence, mainly sequential. The basic position in the description of playing action and conflict. The exposition is usually described from the first or 3rd object. The story is organized around key events and often stores communication, which represents the event and still helps to entice the reader into the story.


The position expounds emotional impressions: visual, receptive, tactile, olfactory, gustatory. The General mood of the essay is organized through a superior experience. To make a sketch it is necessary to choose an observation post, to look out and place the parts with the help of spatial or (less often) chronological organization

Process outline

One of the variants of mappings, often allocated in some group, are mapping tasks that are specifically most often used in order to explain to readers how this is done or in other words happens.


Demonstration is required for the sake of clarification of ideas. When choosing examples, it makes sense to come to the conclusion that they provide the idea and they will be enough for the presented task.


The classification divides the rich themes into categories according to some established method determines the distinguished individuality of a particular category and also demonstrates how such features vary among categories.


Comparison of two values or a range of objects for similarity. Often it helps to make election among alternatives, also acquaints the reader with unknown subjects. Absolutely all components of the ratio should combine something joint and rely on well-selected parts representing what exactly the components being compared are similar to and what else differ.

The reason and the conclusion

Motive and consequence compose a group of causality. Essay, which is used in the investigation, assess the root causes – arguments, in consequence of which, there are some actions and conditions, and consequences – effects of these actions and situations.


The purpose of essay-definition – to find out the meaning of expressions or opinions in other words. All of them there are 3 options: using synonyms; essential and illuminated, which now represent a Union of other types of essay (story, drawing, description of the process and so on).


Argumentative essay, relying on logically constructed facts, tries to assure the reader not to argue with some judgment, to materialize a certain event or to do both. Its mission creators argumentative essay harasses through a sound act, based on the immutable truths, considerations of authorities, the main sources of information collected on statistics and other information.; excitable and ethical impact.