What is essay?

Essay – writer’s style of prosaic inventing a small amount of text and free structure. Essay expresses the personal impressions and views of the writer on a particular occasion or topic and does not commit to a deep or defining interpretation of the subject.

The volume and actions coexist with a scientific note and a writer’s essay (with which essay is often confused), on the other – with a General philosophical work. For the type of essay characteristic expressiveness, playfulness associations, the aphoristic nature, the installation for straightness and of course expressive speech.

Essay missions, audience and volume

The key objectives of essay are: the report, assurance and pleasure of the reader, the expression of the Creator or the Union of only one, or some moments. Their successful achievement is solely dependent on the knowledge of the Creator of a great determine personal audience. Harmonious essay distinguish unique consideration, understanding of the image and effective organization.

The course of writing essay mainly consists of such stages: the consciousness of the job, the attribute of the problem, the selection of events, the ordering of organized information, the production of General approval, writing a draft.

Types of essay


The narrative connects the incident in a set sequence, usually chronological. The basic position in the speech carries the action and the conflict. The story is usually presented from a Central or third subject. The story is around the fundamental aspects and often includes communication which epitomizes the act and helps to vkladat the reader into the story.


Description describes sensual emotions: visible, receptive, sensitive, smelling, taste. Essay’s collective mood is based on a dominant feeling. In favor of the founding of the display ought to elect a vantage point, to select and place parts using the space or (less often) the chronological organization.

Process display

A variation of recreations, often singled out in a certain category, is the display of processes, which are used in order to explain to readers how the above is done or in other words happens.


Illustration is necessary in the interest of interpretation of ideas. At the time of choosing examples, it makes sense to be sure that they provide the idea and they are enough for the task.


Classification splits a diverse problem into categories according to a given type, designates the distinctive features of a particular category, and additionally presents how these features differ between categories.


The comparison considers 2 or more items of similarity. Often it allows you to carry out the selection between the possibilities, and enters the user with unknown details. All components have to contain something cumulative and rely on well-selected pieces, depicting, what else, we check for the components is similar and what really stand out.

Guilt and consequence

Motive and outcome form a category of causality. Essay, which can be used in the investigation, exploring the grounds – proof of why there can be those or other actions and circumstances, and monitoring the final results still acts and circumstances.


The main purpose of essay-definition – to clarify the impact of words or in other words judgments. They come in 3 types: through similar in meaning words; essential and deployed, which previously represent a commonality of other forms of essay (narrative, drawing, flow sequence, and so on).


Argumentative essay, focusing on logically constructed materials, wants to certify the reader not to argue with a certain view, to materialize some event or perform both. The creators of argumentative essay achieve their goal with the help of optimal impact, based on true truths, views of authorities, primary sources of information, statistical indicators, etc.; sensual and ethical influence.