What is Okizeme Guilty Gear?

What is Okizeme Guilty Gear?

Okizeme, often shorted to “oki”, describes a situation in which one player attacks their opponent while the opponent’s character is getting up off of the ground from being knocked down. This works because the player whose character is standing is able to act while the other character cannot.

Why is it called Okizeme?

Trivia. Okizeme is not actually a Japanese word but was popularized by fighting game enthusiasts. The term is a combination of the Japanese verbs Okiru (起きる) which means to wake-up and Semeru (攻める) which means to attack or strike.

Is Oki and meaty the same thing?

Oki is derived from the word okriru ((起きる) which means wake up while zeme is derived from semeru (攻める) which means to attack. Meaty hits a character on the first frame they get up. So there is guaranteed no way the opponent can do anything but block or an invincible move when they get up.

What does Oki mean in DBFZ?

Oki. Oki refers to wake up pressure, or the actions taken against the opponent as they are recovering from a knock down.

What is meaty in fighting games?

Meaty is when you hit the opponent during the last few active frames of your move. They’re typically performed when the opponent wakes up.

What does DP mean in fighting games?

DP. An informal slang term for a special move that involves some kind of jumping uppercut or kick, usually used as an anti-air. Named for Ryu and Ken’s Dragon Punch (a.k.a. the Shoryuken) in Street Fighter II, which spurred countless imitators both in the Street Fighter franchise and elsewhere.

What is DP in fighting games?

DP. An informal slang term for a special move that involves some kind of jumping uppercut or kick, usually used as an anti-air.

What does Oki mean Tekken?

Getting knocked down is no fun and it puts you into a psychological mixup with your opponent. Okizemi or ‘Oki’ for short, refers to a player attacking you as you get off the ground, also know as your ‘wake-up’.

What are fuzzies fighting games?

A Fuzzy Jump is a defensive option select designed to avoid throws and overheads by taking advantage of the timing difference typically found between them and other faster attacks (typically mids and lows).

What does 214 mean in fighting games?

Quarter-Circle Back (QCB): Standard notation: d, db, b (down, down back, back) Numpad notation: 214.

What does J mean in Fighterz?

Every move that starts with j means in-air while 5m or 5l means on ground. 1. noor2436 • 1 yr.

What is Okizeme in Tekken?

Okizeme (起き攻め) is a term used in fighting games which refers to pressuring the opponent while they are getting up after being knocked down. Depending on the game, there are various possible options a player can make after being knocked down. In the Tekken series, the player can either roll backwards or forwards, ukemi,…

What is the history of Guilty Gear?

Guilty Gear (ギルティギア Giruti Gia) is a series of fighting games by Arc System Works and designed by artist Daisuke Ishiwatari. The first game was published in 1998, and spawned several sequels. It was adapted to other media such as manga and drama CD. Guilty Gear has generally received praise from video game reviewers…

What games are similar to the Guilty Gear series?

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, another fighting game developed by Arc System Works, is often referred to as a spiritual successor of the Guilty Gear series. ^ a b c d e f “Museum” (in Japanese).

How do you play Guilty Gear?

Guilty Gear consists primarily of one-on-one competitive battles. Players are tasked with depleting their opponent’s life gauge by utilizing attacks unique to each playable character. In the case of timed matches, the player with the most remaining life when time runs out is the victor of that round.