What is the airport code for Tajikistan?

What is the airport code for Tajikistan?

Dushanbe International Airport (IATA: DYU, ICAO: UTDD) is an international airport in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

How many airports are there in Tajikistan?

4 airports
Airports in Tajikistan 4 airports.

What is the airport code for Tashkent?

Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport/Code

What is the capital of Tajikistan?

Dushanbe, also spelled Dušanbe, formerly (until 1929) Dyushambe, Diushambe, or (1929–61) Stalinabad, city and capital of Tajikistan.

How many airports are there in Tehran?

Along with Mehrabad Airport, Tehran International Airport is one of the two international airports serving Tehran. All international flights in Tehran are currently served by this airport, and all domestic flights are served by Mehrabad Airport.

What is Tajikistan currency?

Tajikistani somoni
The Somoni is the currency of Tajikistan. It is named after the father of the Tajik nation, Ismail Samani. The Somoni was put into circulation on October 30, 2000 to replace the Tajikistani Ruble at the rate of 1 Somoni = 1,000 Rubles. The Somoni is subdivided into 100 dirams.

What is the airport code for Tbilisi?

Tbilisi International Airport/Code

How many airports are there in Tashkent?

Uzbekistan is divided into 12 regions, one autonomous republic, and one independent city. The provinces in turn are divided into 160 districts….Airports.

Location served Tashkent
Region Tashkent
Airport name Tashkent International Airport

Is Tajikistan democratic?

Tajikistan is officially a republic, and holds elections for the presidency and parliament, operating under a presidential system. It is, however, a dominant-party system, where the People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan routinely has a vast majority in Parliament.

Can you drink alcohol in Tajikistan?

The minimum legal age to purchase any alcohol is 21 years of age in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan and 20 years of age in Uzbekistan. Only Kyrgyzstan allows alcohol purchase from the age of 18. In Turkmenistan, the sale of alcohol is banned on holidays and non-working days, including Saturday and Sunday.

Which airport has the most flights every day in Iran?

Mehrabad International Airport
2019 Statistics

Rank Airport Passengers International
1 Mehrabad International Airport 2
2 Mashhad International Airport 1,499,795
3 Imam Khomeini International Airport 7,036,441
4 Kish International Airport 48,355

What is Tehran airport called?

Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport

Tehran International Airport (IKIA) فرودگاه بین‌المللی تهران
Airport type Public
Owner Government of Iran