What is the antonym of mean spirited?

What is the antonym of mean spirited?

Antonyms: generous. Definition: not petty in character and mind. Main entry: base, mean, meanspirited. Definition: having or showing an ignoble lack of honor or morality.

What is another word for mean spirited?

What is another word for mean-spirited?

cruel unkind
uncaring harsh
uncharitable heartless
mean nasty
malicious spiteful

Is not mean spirited?

meanspirited Add to list Share. Anyone meanspirited is unkind, not particularly generous, or even deliberately rude.

What is a mean spirited person?

For example, a mean-spirited person behaves in a way that is unkind to other people; a free-spirited person behaves freely and does as they please. That’s a mean-spirited thing for a mother to say.

What do deprecating mean?

Definition of deprecating : tending or serving to disparage or belittle someone or something a deprecating remark Allagash tells you, with a deprecating roll of his eyes, that Vicky is studying Philosophy at Princeton.—

What is the opposite of means?

▲ Opposite of a means of attaining an end, especially one that is convenient but possibly improper or immoral. permanent. inactivity. idleness.

What does it mean to be fueled?

fueled – heated, driven, or produced by burning fuel. unfueled – not provided with fuel.

What’s another word for mean person?

What is another word for mean person?

meanie villain
nazi scalawag
scapegrace creep
no-good nasty person
cruel person malefactor

What do you call a mean person?

Noun. A mean (unkind) person. meanie. villain. rogue.

What is deprecated code?

Deprecation, in its programming sense, is the process of taking older code and marking it as no longer being useful within the codebase, usually because it has been superseded by newer code. The deprecated code is not immediately removed from the codebase because doing so may cause regression errors.

What is difference between deprecate and depreciation?

As a general rule, if you’re discussing the value of something or finances in general, the term to use will be “depreciate.” However, if you’re referring to something being belittled – without necessarily impacting upon its perceived value – the correct word is “deprecate.”

What is another word for spirited?

spirited(adj) displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness. Synonyms: enlivened, mettlesome, bouncy, gamy, zippy, bouncing, gritty, gamey, spunky, peppy, game. Antonyms: unanimated, fearful, listless, bloodless, dispirited, thin, spiritless, apathetic, cowardly, dull, heartless.

What is the definition of the word spirited?

The definition of mean spirited is someone or something that is unkind, motivated by cruelty or intended to be hurtful. An example of a mean spirited person is someone who loves to see others fail.

What is the Hebrew word for spirited?

Answer: The Hebrew ruach means “wind,” “breath,” or “spirit.” The corresponding Greek word is pneuma. Both words are commonly used in passages referring to the Holy Spirit. The word’s first use in the Bible appears in the second verse: “The Spirit of God [ Ruach Elohim] was hovering over the waters” (Genesis 1:2).