What is the mean of superficially?

What is the mean of superficially?

being at, on, or near the surface: a superficial wound. of or relating to the surface: superficial measurement. external or outward: a superficial resemblance. concerned with or comprehending only what is on the surface or obvious: a superficial observer. shallow; not profound or thorough: a superficial writer.

What does it mean when something is profound?

1 : having or showing great knowledge or understanding a profound thinker His knowledge of history is profound. Her books offer profound insights into the true nature of courage. 2 : difficult to understand : requiring deep thought or wisdom the profound mysteries of outer space profound questions.

What does inferior to mean?

1 : of little or less importance, value, or merit always felt inferior to his older brother. 2a : of low or lower degree or rank. b : of poor quality : mediocre. 3 : situated lower down : lower.

What does superficial example?

The definition of superficial is something on the surface or a person concerned only about obvious things. An example of superficial is an oil spill that doesn’t go very deep into the ocean. An example of superficial is someone who is only interested in how they and others look. adjective.

How do you use superficially?

Superficially sentence example

  1. He did this fully and carefully in the gospels, but somewhat superficially in the epistles.
  2. When heated in air the metal burns if in the form of thin wire, and is superficially oxidized if more compact.
  3. Although superficially intact, even number five was warmed through.

Does superficial mean fake?

As adjectives the difference between superficial and fake is that superficial is shallow, lacking substance while fake is not real; false, fraudulent.

What does profound sadness mean?

When you feel moved, you have strong feelings of sadness or sympathy because of some moving situation,something touching, poignant, heart-rending, heartbreaking, impelling, motivating, heart-swelling, a situation which clearly stirs something inside, which arouses emotions.

Is profound a good thing?

But even then, it also meant “figuratively deep” — that is, very great or intense: “The new laws have had a profound impact.” Of people, it means “very knowledgeable or insightful,” but sometimes when a person tries to sound profound, they’re really just giving you superficial knowledge dressed up with big words.

What is inferior person?

The word inferior can also be used as a noun to mean “a person who is lower in rank or status,” in which case you might say to your younger brother, “You are my inferior, therefore you should take out the trash.” Definitions of inferior. adjective. of or characteristic of low rank or importance.

What is superior and inferior?

Superior or cranial – toward the head end of the body; upper (example, the hand is part of the superior extremity). Inferior or caudal – away from the head; lower (example, the foot is part of the inferior extremity).

What does frivolously mean?

1 : of little importance : trivial a frivolous matter. 2 : lacking in seriousness a frivolous boyfriend. frivolous. adjective. friv·​o·​lous | \ ˈfri-və-ləs \

What is superficial thinking?

concerned with or comprehending only what is apparent or obvious; not deep or penetrating emotionally or intellectually. “superficial similarities” “a superficial mind” “his thinking was superficial and fuzzy”

What does a superficial person mean?

“Superficial” is a word describing the behavior or nature of a person who doesn’t go into great details on any topic but only judges it based on gossips and conversations they heard. A superficial person is someone who assesses others’ appearance only,…

What does superficial mean in medical terms?

In anatomy, superficial is a directional term that indicates one structure is located more externally than another, or closer to the surface of the body. The opposite of superficial is deep. For example, the spine is deep in the body, while the skin is superficial. The term superficial is a relative one.

What does superficial means?

Superficial means “skin deep”, or existing on or at the surface, so in terms of a person, you would describe them as being “superficial” if they appeared to be very shallow or false.

What is the definition of a superficial person?

The definition of superficial is something on the surface or a person concerned only about obvious things. An example of superficial is an oil spill that doesn’t go very deep into the ocean.