What is the postcode for Kiama?

What is the postcode for Kiama?

Kiama/Postal codes

Where is Kiama in relation to Sydney?

Kiama /kaɪˈæmə/ is a coastal town 120 kilometres south of Sydney in the Illawarra.

What local government area is Kiama?

LGAs around Kiama Municipal Council: The Municipality of Kiama is a local government area in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. The area is situated south of Shellharbour and the City of Wollongong and is located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, the Princes Highway and the South Coast railway line.

Is Kiama a suburb?

Kiama (NSW 2533) Suburb Information.

What is the postcode for Albion Park?

Albion Park/Postal codes

What is the postcode for Berry NSW?

Berry, New South Wales/Postal codes

Is Kiama a nice place to live?

Kiama is a really nice place. The locals are friendly and you feel as if you don’t need to lock your car. There are numerous trendy places to dine and the town has great beaches and oodles of charm. The Private school is very nice and the shopping complex is adequate, if a little expensive.

Who are the traditional owners of Kiama?

Traditional stories speak of the Dharawal people who first came to the Illawarra, bringing with them the cabbage tree palm (still seen throughout the Kiama area). Nomadic Wadi Wadi tribes then passed through this heavily bush-clad region, following trails north to Bass Point (Shellharbour) or La Perouse (Botany Bay).

Is Kiama part of Shoalhaven Council?

Shoalhaven City Council has 13 councillors, which equates to one councillor per 7,617 residents. Kiama is an undivided area while Shoalhaven operates three wards.

What is the population of Kiama?

21,464 people
In the 2016 Census, there were 21,464 people in Kiama (A) (Local Government Areas). Of these 49.0% were male and 51.0% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 1.8% of the population. The median age of people in Kiama (A) (Local Government Areas) was 47 years.

What is Kiama like to live in?

What is the postcode for Port Kembla?

Port Kembla/Postal codes

Why visit Kiama?

Whether you need to unwind or unplug, the Kiama area has everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Famous blowholes, unspoilt beaches, lush rolling hills, world class waves, ancient rainforests, picturesque towns, vibrant villages and a warm welcome. Just 90 minutes south of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Where can I find free water in Kiama?

BYO drink bottle and utilise the free water filling stations found along the Kiama Coast Walk and other stations around town.

Where can I feed the machines in Kiama Downs?

Simply feed the machines located outside Woolworths on Terralong Street or the Kiama Golf Club on Oxley Avenue in Kiama Downs. Leave only footprints, take only memories – and some good photos!

How many people visit Kiama Harbour each year?

This landmark has attracted people to the region for over 100 years, and the first sightings were recorded by George Bass when he anchored his whaleboat in the sheltered bay, now known as Kiama harbour, in December 1797. It is now estimated to attract 900,000 visitors each year.