What questions are asked during sorority recruitment?

What questions are asked during sorority recruitment?

Questions Sorority Members May Ask You:

  • Where are you from? What’s your hometown?
  • What dorm are you in?
  • What classes are you taking?
  • Do you have a major already?
  • Did you have a fun summer?
  • How are you enjoying rush/recruitment?
  • Have you met your roommate yet?
  • How are you enjoying your first week of school so far?

What does it cost to join a fraternity?

There are not-so-tiny fines of upwards $100 for each breaking of a fraternity or sorority rule. Regular chapter membership dues, which can certainly also add up, are other hidden costs that many do not think about. These regular dues can set you back between $20 to more than $200 per month and up to $3000 per semester.

What are the 3 B’s sorority?

Stay away from the forbidden three B’s: boys, booze and bucks. Don’t brag about your crazy parties, how much money your parents have or the guys you date. These are not things you want them judging you on, and frankly, they make you sound ultra trashy.

Is being in a sorority expensive?

Being in a sorority isn’t cheap. Women pay national and chapter dues, plus new member fees, which all vary by organization. At the University of Central Florida, for example, rent is between $1,500 and $3,300 per semester, depending on the organization. Dues are around $400 for sororities per semester.

What happens on sorority Pref day?

Preference Day, better known as “Pref Day”, is the third and last day of formal recruitment. Sororities invite women back to give them a better look into what a sisterhood really is. Many describe it as “the day where we show you why you want us”, as compared to the first two days where they want to get to know you.

What are the rules of being in a sorority?

16 Strict Rules Sorority College Girls Have To Follow

  1. 1 You must learn the Greek alphabet.
  2. 2 Members are required to complete a minimum amount of service hours.
  3. 3 Members must attend formals.
  4. 4 All members must maintain a 2.5 GPA.
  5. 5 Social contact for active members is limited.
  6. 6 Active members are not allowed to invite potential new members to sorority events.

Can you leave a sorority?

When can you drop from your sorority? All sorority members are able to drop from their sorority at any time as long as they are in good financial standing. So choosing when you want to drop your sorority is totally up to you.

Why do you want to join this sorority?

Joining a sorority is like joining a big family. You’ll gain hundreds of sister within your campus’ chapter, other schools’ chapters, and alumni around the world. This makes it easy to make friends and have support, even as a new kid on campus. Most friendships you make in Greek life will last a lifetime.

Do sororities look at your social media?

Sororities DO look at your social media accounts prior to recruitment to gain a little more insight into your personality and to make sure that what you are posting aligns with their values. However, it’s NOT about how many followers you have or your popularity online.

Do you pay to be in a sorority?

Yup, you read that right – you need to pay just to join a sorority. The fees vary depending on the sorority and the chapter, but they can cost upwards of $3,000 per semester. Some sororities cost more because they include meals, and prices for membership or chapter fees may go up if you don’t stay in-house.

What should you not say during sorority rush?

So when talking to potential new members you need to:

  • Speak positively about your sorority and sisters in your chapter.
  • Avoid talking about sorority drama.
  • No swearing or cussing.
  • Don’t lie about your sorority.
  • Don’t speak negatively about other sororities or fraternities.
  • Don’t guarantee PNMs a bid to your sorority.

How do you stand out during rush?

here are 6 tips to help you stand out during pref.

  1. Tip #1 Tell them how you are feeling. You HAVE to open up to the sorority members this round. It is very important.
  2. Tip #2. Confidence is key. I am a big believer that your attitude attracts the type of people in your life.
  3. Tip #3. Ask questions.

How many college students have died from hazing?

Since 2000, there have been more than 50 hazing-related deaths. The causes are varied — heatstroke, drowning, alcohol poisoning, head injury, asphyxia, cardiac arrest — but the tragedies almost always involve a common denominator: Greek life.

What do you say when you rush a sorority?

Tell Them About Yourself “Be yourself, but share yourself. The sorority members want to get to know you, so be ready to share your qualities, interests, and passions that make you YOU.”

Does everyone get into a sorority?

Each sorority submits to Panhellenic, their bid list. The sorority system at that school doesn’t guarantee a bid to everyone. If you really want to be a member of a sorority then your chances are better at a school with guaranteed bids. Some girls get released from every house before the recruitment is over.