What should an emergency sub plan include?

What should an emergency sub plan include?

Creating Easy “Emergency” Plans for Substitutes

  1. Class roster.
  2. Attendance sheet.
  3. Up-to-date seating chart.
  4. Daily instruction schedule/school schedule.
  5. Names of helpful students and/or a job chart.
  6. Classroom rules.
  7. Classroom routines and procedures.
  8. Overview of your behavior management system.

What are sub plans?

The sub-plans are the actual content that the substitute will be teaching, and a sub-tub is what you keep the sub-plans organized in. Having both a sub tub and a sub binder available is crucial for being fully prepared for a substitute teacher.

How do you make a sub plan?

Here are four tips for writing emergency sub plans to make taking an unexpected sub day as painless as possible.

  1. 1) Have sub plans ready to go in advance.
  2. 2) Include a classroom schedule.
  3. 3) Include basic classroom management procedures.
  4. 4) Keep lessons simple for the substitute, yet engaging for your students.

What to do if there are no sub plans?

Substitutes: What To Do When the Teacher Doesn’t Leave a Lesson…

  1. Leaving a Substitute Teacher Hanging. Substitute teaching can be quite the challenge.
  2. Ask the Students.
  3. Have Go-To Resources on Hand.
  4. Play an Academic Game.
  5. Show a Movie.
  6. Open a Study Hall.
  7. Hold Realistic Objectives.

How long should sub plans be?

The fast track to peace and reassurance while you’re out of the classroom is creating sub plans that work for you and not against you. Substitute teachers only need a sub plan that is about 2-3 pages long.

How do I organize my sub tub?

Tips for Organizing and Storing your Sub Plans Use a hanging file box with hanging folders. Label your hanging folders. Color code the folders/resources to make it easier for your substitute to navigate the sub tub. Create a separate binder of computer folder with the “master copies” of the resources.

Why are sub plans important?

Every teacher needs emergency sub plans because the cold hard truth is that you never know when you will need to call out sick or have an emergency. Even if you are not one to usually get sick, there could be an accident, or some other type of emergency within your family that requires your attention.

How detailed should sub plans be?

Substitute teachers only need a sub plan that is about 2-3 pages long. A great template will include the class list, behavior log, important notes, and specific schedule changes for each day.

Can a teacher teach without a lesson plan?

The answer is yes, they can absolutely teach without a lesson plan. their lesson will most likely be dotted with empty space, lacking in enthusiasm, missing details you would have wanted to cover, and leaving the students less than excited about what they are learning, among many other issues.

What do you do when your class misbehaves for a sub?

You Got a Bad Sub Report. Now What?

  1. Write letters of apology.
  2. Don’t wait for an absence to lay out your expectations.
  3. But don’t feel like you had to give a disclaimer in order to give a consequence.
  4. Get the parents involved.
  5. Suss out the main perpetrators with student statements.
  6. Names matter!
  7. Focus on the positive.

What every substitute teacher should know?

Leave a note.

  • Arrive early.
  • Be understanding.
  • Use other teachers as a resource.
  • Maintain control of the classroom.
  • Bring your own supplies.
  • Consider any special needs students.
  • Have a backup plan.
  • Reward good behavior.

What are the weaknesses of a lesson plan?

Simple things may become difficult at times. A lesson takes more time to plan. The teacher cannot work or instruct on their own.

What’s included in the Emergency Sub plans?

What’s included in the Emergency Sub Plans? 1 Reading & Writing Sub Plans. The emergency sub plans for reading include a read aloud with companion comprehension activities. 2 Math Sub Plans. Many subs do not feel confident teaching math lessons. 3 Science & Social Studies Sub Plans. 4 Simple STEM Challenge.

What is the best emergency substitute plan for all sciences?

Gelatin, an animal by produc Ultimate Science Emergency Substitute Plan for all Sciences. Use all the hype around fake news in this emergency sub plan focused on fake science. This exercise requires no preparation time. Simply make a classroom set of articles and go. Encourages discussion and writing skills.

What is a good emergency sub activity for 3rd grade science?

EMERGENCY SUB PLANS – (3rd – 5th Grade) Science: Each day of sub plans includes the following items…and there are 10 days of these sub plans! Morning The Incredible Gummi Worm is a fun experiment that I found on www.CandyExperiments.com. I thought this would be a great emergency sub activity.

How do the writing sub plans work?

To keep the day flowing smoothly, the writing sub plans coordinate with the day’s reading. Most months students will have the opportunity to generate either a narrative or expository writing piece that can be revised and turned into a published piece after your return. The complexity of the prompts also varies based on grade.