What sizes do pool liners come in?

What sizes do pool liners come in?

Aboveground pool liners usually have a standard diameter of 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 or 33 feet.

What thickness pool liner is best?

Many professional builders actually prefer 20mil liners because they have more elasticity which helps them fit better in some cases. Thicker liners tend to be less pliable and much heavier which can make the installation more difficult. A proper fitting 20 mil liner will outlast an improper fitting thicker liner.

Is a light or dark pool liner better?

Deep Blue- A darker liner is more likely to absorb sunlight, and therefore can help to warm your pool water. Darker liners will also make it more difficult to see debris and dirt in your pool. They will attract less sunlight and will be less likely to show bleaching and fading as fast over time due to less UV damage.

How much does a 15 x 30 pool liner cost?

Above Ground Pool Liner Cost

Size & Shape Average Cost
12×24 Oval $219 – $539
15×30 Oval $269 – $699
16×32 Oval $279 – $479
18×40 Oval $415 – $899

Will a 52 beaded pool liner fit a 54 pool?

5. Would an overlap 48”/52” liner fit my 54” wall? No, overlap 48”/52” liners are not cut with enough wall material to be lifted and draped over the pool wall without excessive stretch.

How long will a 30 mil pool liner last?

The typical lifespan of a vinyl liner is anywhere from 15-20 years and where your liner falls in that range depends, most crucially, upon your proper maintenance of the pool’s chemistry.

Is a thicker pool liner better?

A thicker inground pool vinyl liner will be able to withstand more impact and is more resistant to punctures. Potential punctures can come from a wide variety of sources, including animal claws, broken glass, or basically anything with a point, including long fingernails and toenails.

How often do you have to replace a vinyl pool liner?

How many years do pool liners last?

What is the best pool liner for above ground pools?

A pool liner is best for people who have an above ground pool made of fiberglass. It’s because such pools have a higher probability of water leakage and other issues like that. A pool liner would be the best solution for such pool that will cover all sides and corner giving the pool a leak proof inner surface.

How do you replace a pool liner?

Make sure you know how to select a new inground vinyl liner replacement. Pump out all the water of your pool. Pumping the pool out is usually the longest part of the process if you don’t have a large water pump. Take out the old liner. Cut the liner into pieces so that it is easier to remove from the site and throw away. Fix ne items.

How do you install an inground pool liner?

Steps Get the template for liner measurements from your pool supplier. Choose your liner color & pattern. Measure your swimming pool for its new liner and place the order. Upon liner delivery, drain pool. Inspect walls for rust or damage. Inspect floors for cracks or damage. Wash and broom your pool from top to bottom. Install gaskets and screws.

How do you clean an inground pool liner?

Maintain the pool liner by cleaning your pool at least once a week. Use a skimmer to remove any leaves, dirt, and debris on the surface of the pool. Vacuum the pool to remove algae. Brush the pool liner with a pool brush to get rid of dirt before they become stains.