What stores are in Golden Ring Mall?

What stores are in Golden Ring Mall?

Store list – Stores in Centre At Golden Ring

  • America’s Best Wings.
  • Bellagio Pizzeria.
  • Five Below.
  • GameStop.
  • Ihop.
  • M Bank.
  • McDonald’s.
  • Office Depot.

What happened to Golden Ring mall?

Wards would also leave the development later that year, as they announced the closure of all remaining stores in December 2000. The property would reopen, as the Centre at Golden Ring, in 2002, with anchors Walmart, Sam’s Club, and The Home Depot. The former Wards building was later subdivided for multiple tenants.

When was Golden Ring Mall torn down?

In 2002, the two-level Golden Ring mall was demolished and the space reconfigured. The site is now occupied by an open-air shopping center called “The Centre at Golden Ring”.

When was Eastpoint Mall built?

Eastpoint Mall/Opened

What is the history of the centre at Golden Ring Mall?

The Centre at Golden Ring, formerly the Golden Ring Mall is a Power center and former mall in Rosedale, Maryland. The mall was first announced by developers Melvin, Simon & Associates in April 1972, with Stewart’s, Hecht’s, and Montgomery Ward as anchors.

Where is Golden Ring Mall in Baltimore?

Golden Ring Mall, formerly owned by Simon Properties, was a shopping mall located in eastern Baltimore County, Maryland. It was located at U.S. Route 40 and Interstate 695, and was at its peak when it opened in 1974.

Can I write a review about the centre at Golden Ring?

Don’t forget to write a review about visiting the Centre At Golden Ring. Please note, operating hours might temporarily vary due to the new COVID-19 coronavirus. Opening hours may vary by store. For information about the opening hours please visit Centre At Golden Ring.

When did Golden Ring close its first Stewart’s store?

The first major change came to the mall in November 1982, when all five Stewart’s stores would close their doors, with Golden Ring’s location one of four taken over by discount operator Caldor.