What to know about an essay

Essay-free reception. Still, in any case, do not think that it will be enough just to miss your own idea and write what will come to mind. Obviously not reasoned.

The idea can be executed correctly, try to prove its activities are in the verse, to compose all your thoughts in instances of coie necessarily clear love. However, the person passes his ideas to other people with the same task – to remain noticed.

Essay is necessarily a discussion with society. In the essay allowed to argue about what some one thinks is correct and appropriate. Do not be afraid to swing at trusted individuals. Turn to the aid of famous employees, thinking to enter into a collision with them, just to confirm their narrow-mindedness of their eyes or back to take the side and accept their rightness.

Essay is a training. In each course, apart from exercises, it is difficult to achieve the highest goal. Essay – the best exercise in favor of creating people. And, on the other hand, essay is a full-fledged reception, in the specified Luggage of what there is a set of the ingenious things relating to authors, scientists, doctors, teachers and normal persons.

Moreover, the very saying “essay” is translated from French as “attempt, test, study”. Maybe that’s why in foreign schools essay is a typical training exercise, allowing students to specify the degree of their knowledge and to show themselves.

For essay unimportant coverage. It may only need one prescription, but extensively to get a 200 – s pages. Even in addressing this issue manifests itself will!

3 Central essay rules

To paint essay can help three simple Charter:

  1. “The main thing, add up about what really takes you personally, choose an entertaining phrase.
  2. “Second, scribble about what in turn you personally really feel and think, in other words, decide together with the thoughts.
  3. “Further, scribbling is exactly how you want it, not paying attention to others, not based on existing examples and of course examples, that is, try to choose the right individual intonation.

Essay according to plan

Essay is created in the same way as any other text, and is divided into 3 components: the Preface, the main part and the conclusion.

  1. “Specifically, the introduction explains the problem of future reasoning and also expresses the primary idea.
  2. “Leading in the presented details given reasons for Yes to confirm the expressed ideas, and speaks its own position on the topic.
  3. “To top it all, conclusions are drawn.

Classic direction style

Many people and poets have turned to the essay genre. The history of the discharge started not without the “Experience” of Michel Montaigne. Among the foreign authors one should go to the creation of Heine, of Chesterton, Carlyle, and others.

Today essay – one of the most popular areas, does not lose its relevance.