What vaccine is given at 4 months?

What vaccine is given at 4 months?

At 4 months, your baby should receive vaccines to help protect against the following diseases: Diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough (pertussis) (DTaP) (2nd dose) Haemophilus influenzae type b disease (Hib) (2nd dose) Polio (IPV) (2nd dose)

How many injections do you get at 4 months?

Three vaccines are recommended for babies at four months of age. The technical names for the vaccines are: DTPa-Hib-IPV-HepB (also called ‘combined’ or ‘hexavalent’), which protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hib, polio and hepatitis B.

How long are babies fussy after 4 month shots?

Some children could feel a little unwell or unsettled for a day or two after they get their vaccinations. Most of the common reactions will last between 12 and 24 hours and then get better, with just a little bit of love and care from you at home.

When do babies get their 4 month shots?

The NSW Immunisation Schedule recommends children are vaccinated at: birth. 6 weeks. 4 months.

How much should a 4 month old weigh?

Baby weight chart by age

Baby age Female 50th percentile weight Male 50th percentile weight
3 months 12 lb 14 oz (5.8 kg) 14 lb 1 oz (6.4 kg)
4 months 14 lb 3 oz (6.4 kg) 15 lb 7 oz (7.0 kg)
5 months 15 lb 3 oz (6.9 kg) 16 lb 9 oz (7.5 kg)
6 months 16 lb 1 oz (7.3 kg) 17 lb 8 oz (7.9 kg)

When is BCG given?

If the BCG vaccine is recommended for your baby, it will usually be offered at about 28 days old. This may be offered at a hospital, a local healthcare centre or, occasionally, at your GP surgery.

How Much Should 4 month old weigh?

When should I call the doctor after 4 month shots?

Call Your Doctor If: Redness becomes larger than 2 inches (5 cm) Redness becomes more painful after 3 days. Fever starts after 2 days (or lasts more than 3 days) Redness or pain lasts more than 7 days.

Can you bathe a baby after vaccinations?

Babies and infants They can be given a bath as normal. If the injection site is red and warm to touch, you can put a cool wet cloth (not an ice pack) on their leg or arm. If your baby feels hot, do not wrap them in too many blankets or clothes.

What can babies eat at 4 months?

4 to 6 months old

  • Pea purée. Share on Pinterest.
  • Banana purée. Often called a “perfect” food, bananas are rich in potassium and fiber.
  • Baby brown rice cereal. Rice cereal is one of the most common foods to introduce because it’s less allergenic and easily digested.
  • Avocado purée.
  • Baked sweet potato purée.
  • First carrots purée.

How long should a 4 month old sleep at night without eating?

During this time, babies need an average of 14 hours of sleep daily. At 4 months, they can go eight hours at night without feeding; by 5 months, they can sleep for 10 or 11 hours straight. Both 4-month-olds and 5-month-olds will sleep four to five hours during the day, spread out over three naps.

What is the first vaccination for a baby?

Your baby’s first shot Shortly after birth, your baby should receive the first dose of the vaccine to help protect against the following disease: Hepatitis B (HepB) (1st dose)