What was George Lucas idea for Episode 7?

What was George Lucas idea for Episode 7?

The parts of Lucas’ Episode 7 that didn’t make the cut For James Cameron’s 2018 Story of Science Fiction book, Lucas explained that his trilogy would have focused on “the Whills,” an ancient life form that fed on the Force.

What were George Lucas plans for Star Wars?

Perhaps the biggest revelation is that Lucas intended to resurrect “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” villain Darth Maul and turn him into the main antagonist of the trilogy. Darth Maul would appear with “mechanical legs” and “become the godfather of crime in the universe because, as the Empire falls, he takes over.”

What was George Lucas’s ideas for the sequel trilogy?

“I had planned for the first trilogy to be about the father, the second trilogy to be about the son, and the third trilogy to be about the daughter and the grandchildren.

Was Star Wars George Lucas idea?

Early that year, Lucas had begun writing what would become the Star Wars script. For the central conflict in his story, he took inspiration from the political climate of that time. George Lucas began inventing characters, races, concepts and basically built a whole new universe with its own natural laws.

Did George Lucas write episodes 7/8 9?

George Lucas gave story treatments for Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII and IX to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and executives at The Walt Disney Company.

Is George Lucas still involved with Star Wars?

Multiple reports suggest Lucas, the creator of “Star Wars,” is back in creative control under the Lucasfilm banner, which is now owned by Disney. In fact, one report suggests Lucas is involved with a new trilogy of films.

Does George Lucas still work on Star Wars?

How much did Lucas sell Star Wars for?

When George Lucas sold his company Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company in 2012 for $4 billion, it exponentially increased his already high net worth. However, some new financial numbers have been released that shed some light on just how much Lucas has made since then.

Was Star Wars written as a trilogy?

The Star Wars Trilogy, also known as the original trilogy or the classic trilogy, is the first set of three films produced in the Star Wars franchise, an American space opera created by George Lucas….

Star Wars Trilogy
Music by John Williams
Production companies Lucasfilm Ltd.

Did George Lucas write all 9 Star Wars?

It progresses over a period of about fifty or sixty years with about twenty years between trilogies, each trilogy taking about six or seven years. By the time of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back’s release, Lucas had written story treatments for all nine Star Wars episodes.

Did George Lucas think Star Wars would flop?

George Lucas was convinced ‘Star Wars’ would flop and refused to believe it was a hit until he got a call telling him to turn on the news. “Star Wars” was a huge hit in its opening weekend in May 1977. In 2015, George Lucas recalled how no one thought it’d be a success, including himself.

Will there be a Luke Skywalker Series?

Disney+ Luke Skywalker Series Will Reportedly Take Place After Return Of The Jedi. Kathleen Kennedy announced several upcoming Disney+ Star Wars projects on Disney Investor Day 2020. Even though details are pretty scarce on this series, we should still expect Grogu and a young Kylo Ren to be a part of it.

Why did George Lucas decide to make Star Wars 2?

According to Lucas, there were always plans for a Star Wars sequel trilogy. But the conception of the story only started in earnest as he prepared to sell Lucasfilm, the idea being that he could send whichever conglomerate bought his company in the right direction on a new set of films.

What happened to George Lucas after Disney bought Lucasfilm?

On October 30, 2012, George Lucas relinquished his hold over the Star Wars franchise when Disney acquired Lucasfilm for a cool $4.05 billion. While fans weren’t thrilled that Disney would be in charge of the greatest sci-fi series of all time, it turns out this was a small price to pay to stop Lucas from what he planned on doing next.

Does George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ plot sound like Osmosis Jones?

But really, Lucas’s plot sounds like a mix between an episode of The Magic School Bus and Osmosis Jones. You have to admit that it’s pretty funny that he would have done something he knew fans would have hated. And who can blame him? Star Wars fans suck. This content is imported from {embed-name}.

What was the original Star Wars saga about?

“The original saga was about the father, the children, and the grandchildren,” Lucas said during the panel.