What you should know about essay

Essay-a genre in itself. However, do not think that it is enough just to release a personal idea and continue to write about what comes to mind. Clearly, absolutely not.

Council will be able to be created, take the trouble to Express myself in one word, to Express personal ideas in texts, which will remain obvious to the reader. Because the person portrays personal ideas to other users together with an exceptional problem – to remain heard.

Essay is in General a contradiction with the world. In essay you are allowed to argue with the fact that the other find a accurate and also rational. Do not be afraid to encroach on trusted writers. To get to the aid of popular individuals, in order to enter into a collision with them, and to prove to them the insufficiency of their judgments or Vice versa to support their rightness.

Essay is a workout. Any assignment not counting exercise is not easy to conceive a higher purpose. Essay – very important occupation in favor of folding persons. But if you look on the other hand, essay is a full-fledged style, in this reserve of which there are a lot of great creations that belong to the authors, scientists, doctors, teachers and of course ordinary people.

Moreover, the word “essay” in French is “attempt, testing, experience”. May be because in foreign educational institutions essay – a mundane training exercise, allowing students to provide the level of existing stocks of knowledge as well as to show their persona.

For essay no matter the size. Truth has the ability to do one offer, and the strength to be placed freely on two hundred pages. Perhaps even and manifests itself liberty!

A few basic secrets of essay

To paint essay can help 3 light standard:

  1. “First, slahi about the fact that you personally really care about, pick up interesting themes.
  2. “Next, write on the topic of what in turn you seriously feel and think, that is, decide together with the thoughts.
  3. “Third, scribble as you want it, not paying attention to others, not resting on the existing examples and standards, in other words, try to find your intonation.

Essay strategy accordingly

Essay is created in the same way as, for example, any other font, and is divided into three parts: the epilogue, the main part and the consequence.

  • “Specifically, the introduction clarifies the problem of the forthcoming reasoning and expresses the General idea.
  • “Presented in the supporting part of the communicated arguments and evidence of course ideas, in addition to explains their own position on the topic.
  • “Conclusions are usually made at the end.

Classic direction

The category of the essay have been contacted by various writers. The chronicle of the genre began from the “Experiments” of Michel Montaigne. Among the overseas writers need to go to the creation of Heine, Chesterton, Carlyle, and others.

At the moment essay – one of the very legendary categories, not losing personal relevance.