What you should learn about essay

Essay-independent reception. But, in any case, do not think that you only need to let go of your own mind and then write what comes to mind. Of course, not rizona.

The thought should be framed, take the trouble to formulate yourself in one word, to highlight personal ideas in the texts, they will be clear to readers. Because personality represents the personality of the Duma of the other users with only one target – to be heard.

Essay is necessarily a contradiction with society. In essay it is allowed to make a bet with what others think is right , as well as suitable. Do not be afraid to encroach on trusted individuals. To reach for the help of great people, then to enter into a discussion with them, and even confirm to them the narrowness of their eyes, or Vice versa to take a side and take them together right.

Essay is a workout. In any case, without techniques is not easy to achieve perfection. Essay – very best occupation for the sake of folding persons. And, on the other hand, essay is a full-fledged style, in the specified stock of which there is a bulk of phenomenal works inherent in writers, scientists, doctors, teachers and also ordinary people.

Among other things, the word itself “essay” in French means “attempt, test, attempt.” As a rule, therefore, in foreign schools essay – is an ordinary training exercise, allowing students to show their level of knowledge and show themselves.

For essay, volume is unprincipled. Truth has the ability to do an exceptional proposal, but will be able to broadly accommodate 200 s sheets. Even and shows themselves room!

3 Central essay rules

Scribbling essay can help three easy standard:

  1. “For a start, scribble that in turn really cares about your person, pick an interesting topic.
  2. “Secondly, write on the subject of what in turn you really experience and think, in other words, be determined with thoughts.
  3. “In conclusion, scribbling just like that, as well as it is desired for you, in spite of others, not resting on the place to be examples and samples, in other words, try to outline your intonation.

Essay according to purpose

Essay is created in the same spirit as any other text, and is divided into 3 parts: the epilogue, the main part and the conclusion.

  1. “Specifically, the introduction explains the problems of the upcoming discussion and pours out a key idea.
  2. “This key share provides arguments and evidence of the idea, as well as clarifies its own point of view on the topic.
  3. “In conclusion, conclusions are formed.

Classic direction

To the genre of essay was addressed to many people and poets. The narrative of the genre started from the “Experience” of Michel Montaigne. From foreign authors allowed to address the work of Heine, Chesterton, Carlyle, and others.

At the moment essay – the first of the very favorite categories, does not lose its relevance.