When did British Togoland join Ghana?

When did British Togoland join Ghana?

British Togoland integrated with British Gold Coast on December 13, 1956. The British parliament approved the Ghana Independence Act in January 1957.

How did British Togoland became part of Ghana?

A majority of voters taking part voted to merge the territory with the neighbouring Gold Coast, a British Crown colony. To achieve this, under the Ghana Independence Act 1957 the United Kingdom annexed British Togoland to form part of Her Majesty’s dominions comprising the dominion named Ghana.

Why did Germany want Togoland?

Togoland, former German protectorate, western Africa, now divided between the Republics of Togo and Ghana. The Germans intended to make Togoland a model colony. Because the region lacked mineral resources (its phosphate reserves were not then known), Germany concentrated on agricultural development.

Who got Togoland?

Sharing the spoils The French and British split Togoland into two, with the British taking the north western part of the country and the French taking the larger south eastern part. After the war these areas came under the League of Nations Mandate system.

Where did the Swedish first settle in Ghana?

Swedish Gold Coast
The Swedish Gold Coast (Swedish: Svenska Guldkusten) was a colony of the Swedish Africa Company founded in 1650 by Hendrik Carloff on the Gulf of Guinea in present-day Ghana in Africa.

Why are ewes called Number 9?

Monica Amekoafia (30 June 1934 – 24 June 1990) was a Ghanaian and the winner of the first edition of the Miss Ghana contest in 1957 while representing the Trans-Volta Togoland. It was from her number that people from the Volta Region are called Number 9. …

Who founded Gold Coast?

In the transatlantic slave trade era, Europeans identified the region as the Gold Coast because of the large supplies of and market for gold that existed there. Portuguese traders built the fort of Elmina in 1482 within ten years of their arrival on the coast.

Does Togo still speak German?

German became the official language. The indigenous population however, continued to speak English, and was doing so as the British and French invaded in 1914. Presently French is the official European language of Togo.

Was Samoa a German colony?

German Samoa (German: Deutsch-Samoa) was a German protectorate from 1900 to 1919, consisting of the islands of Upolu, Savai’i, Apolima and Manono, now wholly within the independent state of Samoa, formerly Western Samoa.

Is Western Togoland part of Ghana?

Western Togoland (French: Togoland de l’Ouest) is an area in the Republic of Ghana.

What was the invasion of Togoland?

The Togoland Campaign (6–26 August 1914) was a French and British invasion of the German colony of Togoland in West Africa, which began the West African Campaign of the First World War….Togoland campaign.

Date 6–26 August 1914
Location German Togoland (modern Togo and Ghana) 06°07′55″N 01°13′22″E
Result Allied victory

Which Castle did the Swedish built in Ghana?

Cape Coast Castle
Cape Coast Castle (Swedish: Carolusborg) is one of about forty “slave castles”, or large commercial forts, built on the Gold Coast of West Africa (now Ghana) by European traders. It was originally a Portuguese “feitoria” or trading post, established in 1555, which they named Cabo Corso.

What is Trans-Volta-Togoland?

The Ewe area in the British controlled territory was formally constituted into the Trans-Volta-Togoland region in 1952 to enable effective administration as a single group (Prescott, 1963; p5). The landmass of British Togoland stretches from Bawku East district in the Upper East region and borders the Volta River up to the Gulf of Guinea.

Where is British Togoland located?

The landmass of British Togoland stretches from Bawku East district in the Upper East region and borders the Volta River up to the Gulf of Guinea.

Were the Western Togoland plebiscite citizens in Ghana?

[1] According to the leader of the group, “…. the Western Togoland were plebiscite citizens in Ghana and not until a declaration was made on 9 May 2017, the people will remain an appendix to the former Gold Coast (now Ghana).

When did the British take over Togoland?

The territory of British Togoland was first formed after a partition of Togoland on 27 December 1916, during World War I. British and French forces already occupied Togoland. After the war, on 20 July 1922, the League of Nations gave its mandate to formally transfer control of British Togoland to the United Kingdom.