When was the big Halloween snowstorm in Minnesota?

When was the big Halloween snowstorm in Minnesota?

That’s a lot better than what happened on Halloween night 30 years ago in Minnesota — known as the great Halloween blizzard. On the morning of Thursday, Oct. 31, 1991, the forecast called for flurries. But that night, Mother Nature played a trick on us.

How much snow did Minnesota get in the Halloween Blizzard?

And it definitely smashed weather records. In the Twin Cities, snow started falling on Halloween morning. By midnight, the storm had dumped 8.2 inches of snow at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, breaking the record for the most snow on that date, fourth-tenths of an inch.

How many people died in the Halloween Blizzard of 1991?

On November 1, 1991, over 900 schools and businesses were closed in Minnesota alone, and a number of roofs collapsed under the weight of the ice and snow. At least 20 people died in traffic accidents or from heart attacks while digging out from the storm.

What was the worst snowstorm in Minnesota?

Feb 13-15, 1866, arguably one of the worst blizzards in Minnesota history, lasted 3 days, drifts to 20 ft buried barns in western counties, struck at nite so deaths were reduced. Mar 14-16, 1870, blizzard struck northern Iowa and SW Minnesota with up to 16 inches of snowfall.

How much snow did Minnesota get in the blizzard of 91?

While the storm dropped 20.4 inches of snow in 24 hours — a record amount for that period — it continued into the next day. In total 26.8 inches of snow was the official number, though some residents recorded more than 30 inches in their backyards.

How many years has it snowed on Halloween?

Measurable snow has fallen on 8 Halloweens (1929 – 3.5″, 1932 -1.5″, 1954 – 0.6″, 1966 – 0.1″, 1970 – 0.1″, 1989 – 0.4″, 1991 – 0.4″, and 1995 – 1.7″). The last measurable snowfall on Halloween occurred in 1995 (1.7 inches). Last Halloween (2021), the high temperature was 48°F and the low temperature was 31°F.

How much snow did Minnesota get on Halloween 1991?

In 1991, we called it the “Mega Storm.” On Halloween, we got just over eight inches of snow.

How many times does it snow in Minnesota?

It has snowed in Minnesota during every month with the exception of July, and the state averages 110 days per year with snow cover of an inch (2.5 cm) or greater.

What was the snowiest winter in Minnesota?

Northland Winter Season Climate Stats and Records

Location Highest Total Snowfall For the Month of…
Sep Jan
Duluth, Minnesota 2.4″ (1991) 46.8″ (1969)
International Falls, Minnesota 2.0″ (1912) 43.0″ (1975)
Brainerd, Minnesota 33.0″ (1950)

What is the most snow Minnesota has gotten?

Minnesota Climate Extremes

Temperature Record Date
Maximum monthly snowfall 66.4 inches March 1965
Maximum snow depth 75 inches March 28, 1950
Earliest measurable snowfall 0.3 inches Sept. 14, 1964
Latest measurable snowfall 1.5 inches June 4, 1935

When did it snow on Halloween in Massachusetts?

On Oct. 29-30, 2011, a record 14 inches fell in Worcester, while some areas of Central Massachusetts got dumped with 2 feet, with the heavy, wet snow downing trees and power lines.

How much snow did the Twin Cities get in the snowstorm?

By the end of the event, which stretched for days, the Twin Cities received more than 28 inches of fresh snow, the biggest storm still on record. Everyone who lived here took photos and video of the snow when it happened.

How much snow did Duluth get from the Halloween Blizzard?

Duluth wound up with 36.9 inches of snow from this storm and was the largest single snowstorm total for Minnesota until 46.5 inches fell from January 6-8, 1994 near Finland in Cook County. One myth about the Halloween Blizzard should be dispelled here.

How much snow did Iowa get on Halloween?

By mid-morning on Halloween, a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain blanketed southeast Minnesota and much of eastern Iowa. And, as the mixture continued to come down well into the afternoon of November 1, many areas in Iowa saw up to two inches of ice accumulate on top of eight to 15 inches of snow.

Will there be a blizzard in Minnesota in October?

October Blizzards in Minnesota are rare, but they have happened in the past. The most severe early blizzard on record for Minnesota was the devastating October 16, 1880 storm. This storm left behind drifts of snow to 20 feet high in the Canby area and brought train traffic to a standstill over western Minnesota until the spring thaw.