Where does Jack Gantos live now?

Where does Jack Gantos live now?

Boston, Massachusetts
This nonfiction book for teens, Hole in My Life, has won numerous awards and reached many troubled teenage boys. In addition to writing, Jack Gantos speaks to young people in classrooms, libraries, and prisons. Today he lives with his wife and daughter in Boston, Massachusetts.

Where did Jack Gantos go to college?

Emerson College
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What genre is Jack Gantos known for?

Jack Gantos (born July 2, 1951) is an American author of children’s books. He is best known for the fictional characters Rotten Ralph and Joey Pigza….

Jack Gantos
Alma mater Emerson College
Genre comics
Notable works Rotten Ralph series Jack Henry series Joey Pigza series Hole in My Life Dead End in Norvelt

When was gantos born?

July 2, 1951 (age 70 years)
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John Bryan Gantos, Jr., was born on July 2, 1951, in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, but grew up in nearby Norvelt.

What happened to gantos clothing store?

Gantos was founded by Lebanese immigrant couple Theodore and Haseebie Gantos. It started as a linen store and then sold hosiery until Haseebie suggested the inclusion of women’s sportswear, blouses and lingerie….Gantos.

Industry Clothing retailer
Defunct 2000
Fate Bankruptcy
Headquarters Grand Rapids, Michigan

Where was gantos born?

Mount Pleasant, PA
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Who is the main character in hole in my life?

“Hole in My Life” is the autobiographical story of Jack Gantos during his younger years. Gantos was a young man with little supervision who led a life that involved many moves and opportunities.

Why did Jack Gantos become a writer?

By high school, writing professionally was his career goal; as he told an interviewer for Amazon.com, his “diary and journal writing background gave me a lot of confidence that writing was something I had loved all my life.” After graduating from high school, Gantos attended Boston’s Emerson College, where he met art …

Why did gantos go out of business?

As of early 1993 the company had some 163 stores from coast to coast. But, in late 1993 the company announced bankruptcy reorganization, closing 50 stores between 1993 and 1994. A slow down in the retail apparel market and ill-conceived merchandising rollouts were blamed for causing the company tailspin.

When did gantos close?

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What would Joey pigza do?

What Would Joey Do? is a 2003 novel in a series by Jack Gantos about the character, Joey Pigza. The title is a play on the Christian phrase “What would Jesus do?”, which Mrs. Lapp, Joey’s homeschooling tutor, asks him at her doorstep on every visit.

What awards did Jack Gantos win?

John Newbery Medal
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