Where is Neil Trotter from?

Where is Neil Trotter from?

The car mechanic and racing driver from Coulsdon thought he had heard every Only Fools and Horses joke but said, “I can see this is going to run and run.” Just like Del and Rodney, Neil believed being a millionaire was his destiny.

Where was the winner of the EuroMillions?

A record EuroMillions jackpot of €220 million has been won by a player in France.

What is the biggest euro lottery win?

And it was a lucky winner in France who took home the prize on Friday night. The lottery draw means the French ticket holder becomes the biggest ever single EuroMillions winner, knocking an anonymous ticket holder in Switzerland off the top spot, who claimed £177 million in February.

How many people have won EuroMillions in UK?

five UK
There have been five UK EuroMillions jackpot winners so far this year, including the anonymous winners of £122m in April and £111m in June. The biggest recent UK winners to go public were Frances and Patrick Connolly, from Northern Ireland, who scooped a £115m prize in 2019.

What happened to Colin and Chris Weir?

Colin Weir, who won one of Europe’s biggest lottery jackpots, has died after a short illness aged 71. Mr Weir and wife Chris, from Largs in North Ayrshire, claimed the £161m Euromillions prize in 2011. Earlier this year the pair confirmed that they were to divorce after 38 years of marriage.

Has a lucky dip ever won EuroMillions?

There he bought a single EuroMillions Lucky Dip®. That rainy day purchase proved to be a winner, worth a stunning £40.6M. He asked for a Lucky Dip® for that night’s draw thinking it was Wednesday night and Lotto, when in fact it was a Tuesday and he ended up with a EuroMillions ticket.

Has a black person ever won the lottery UK?

Kitchen manager Amadou Gillen won the top prize on the £4 Million Black and Gold Scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore. It was early evening and on a break from working as a kitchen manager at Wetherspoons, Amadou nipped out to buy 2 scratchcards.

Who won Euro million on Friday?

Michael Marshall
A pizza restaurant manager spent most of Friday night in fits of laughter after becoming the latest EuroMillions Mega Friday winner. Michael Marshall has won a life-changing £1 million and a trip of a life time Down Under.

Is Colin Weir dead?

Deceased (1947–2019)
Colin Weir/Living or Deceased

How much did Colin Weir win?

Scotland’s biggest lottery winner burnt through his fortune at a rate of almost £100,000 a week, documents show. Colin Weir scooped a £161 million Euromillions jackpot with his wife, Christine, in 2011. By the time he died in December last year, at the age of 71, his share of the windfall had shrunk by £40 million.

Is it better to pick the same lottery numbers?

The probability of winning does not depend on the specific numbers selected and the numbers drawn for each lottery drawing have no dependence on previous drawings, so there is no benefit to playing the same numbers every time.