Which pen is best for writing board exams?

Which pen is best for writing board exams?

Best Ball Pen for Board Exams in India

  • PILOT The Better Ball Point Pen for Board Exam.
  • BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Best Ball Pen for Board exam.
  • Pilot Retractable Rolling Ball Pen, Fine Point.
  • Pentonic Linc Ball Point Pen.
  • Parker Jotter Standard CT Ball Pen.
  • Cello Technotip Ball Pen Jar Fine writing Exam ball pens.
  • Cello Maxriter Cheap Ball Pen for Board Exams.

Is watch allowed in board exam 2020?

Students often ask, “are digital watches allowed in cbse board exams?” or “is digital watch allowed in cbse board exam?” No, digital watches and other electronic items are banned so students are not advised to take risk.

Can we write board exam with ballpen?

Use ONLY a black or blue ball pen to write your exam. Ensure that you use an extra dark HB pencil for drawings. In case you write a wrong answer, ensure that you strike it out with a single line.

What color ink is best for studying?

blue ink

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Can we use Colours in board exam?

Explanation: In board exams students generally don’t have that much time to use colors in making their paper look more attractive. Although their is no such rule or regulation laid out that you cannot use colors to enhance your presentation, but everyone will recommend you not to waste your time on coloring.

Which gel pen is best for writing in board exams?

Students can use any pen for writing the CBSE board exam depending upon their comfort. However, students should use only Blue/ Royal Blue Ball Point/ Gel/ Fountain pen for the CBSE board examinations. Candidates should not use the black colour pen for writing the answers.

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Is exam pad allowed in board exam?

Students are allowed to carry only their pens and basic stationary inside the examination hall. Please be advised that the pencil box or pouch should be transparent and should not have anything written on it.

Can we use highlighter in board exams?

According to the CBSE guidelines, highlighters are not allowed in the board exams. Using it in the answer sheet might land you in trouble. No, you can not take your personal stapler in the board examination. To attach any of the sheets, you will be given a thread or in an alternate case, a stapler by the invigilator.