Which process of reading is correct?

Which process of reading is correct?

Identify the words in print – a process called word recognition. Construct an understanding from them – a process called comprehension. Coordinate identifying words and making meaning so that reading is automatic and accurate – an achievement called fluency.

Why is it important to reread?

Rereading helps students develop a deeper understanding of what they have read (Roskos and Newman, The Reading Teacher, April 2014). Rereading helps students read with greater fluency, allowing them to give more attention to making sense of what they have read (Pikulski and Chard, The Reading Teacher, March 2005).

What are the three reading process?

The 3 stages combined form is known as stages of reading. Besides, reading influences how much an individual remember and understand the text. The three stages of reading are pre-reading, through reading and post-reading.

What kind of reading is intensive reading?

Intensive reading involves learners reading in detail with specific learning aims and tasks. It can be compared with extensive reading, which involves learners reading texts for enjoyment and to develop general reading skills. The learners read a short text and put events from it into chronological order.

How is meaning created in reading?

A reader who is able to construct meaning holds the ability to decipher and understand the meaning behind the words being read. Text is often used to accomplish this. Paraphrasing is the act of retelling text in your own words. Readers can also use text to connect their background knowledge to the text.

Can skimming form part of close reading?

Lesson Summary If you’re previewing a book, reviewing something you’ve already read, or looking at materials like magazines, you could use skimming. However, if you want to read something very carefully or have to answer questions above and beyond what’s written, you should use close reading.

What sort of reading is scanning a quick reading B slow reading?

When you skim you read very quickly. 2) What sort of reading is scanning? The correct answer is A. When you scan you read very quickly.

Why is skimming an important reading skill?

Even if you’re going to do a more detailed reading of the text, skimming as a form of previewing can help you better comprehend what you read. In these cases, skimming helps you understand the overall points of the text and its relevance to your course without bogging you down. Make the most of your time.

What are the five stages of reading?

Five Stages of Reading Development

  • the emerging pre-reader (typically between 6 months to 6 years old);
  • the novice reader (typically between 6 to 7 years old);
  • the decoding reader (typically between 7 – 9 years old);
  • the fluent, comprehending reader (typically between 9 – 15 years old); and.
  • the expert reader (typically from 16 years and older).

What is a re read?

: an act of reading something again especially from a different perspective a contemporary rereading of the classics.

What are the steps for reading?


  • STEP ONE: Orientation (Orientierung). Goal: Prereading preparation.
  • STEP TWO: Skimming. Goal: To get the general meaning (gist) of the story without trying to decode exactly what each word means.
  • STEP THREE: Scanning. Goal: To extract specific pieces of information.
  • STEP FOUR: Decoding.
  • STEP FIVE: Global Understanding.

Is re reading effective?

The authors of the 2013 bestseller Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning put it this way: Mastering the lecture or the text is not the same as mastering the ideas behind them. However, repeated reading provides the illusion of mastery of the underlying ideas.

What sort of reading is skimming a slow reading B quick reading?

Skimming and scanning are reading techniques that use rapid eye movement and keywords to move quickly through text for slightly different purposes. Skimming is reading rapidly in order to get a general overview of the material. Scanning is reading rapidly in order to find specific facts.

What reading strategy are you using if you are reading to find your team’s score?

6) If you are reading to find your team’s score, are you… The correct answer is B. If you are just looking for the score, you are scanning. 1) Scan the TV programme to find out what time you can see the news on BBC One.

Is scanning slow reading?

Skimming and scanning are two very different strategies for speed reading. They are at the fast end of the speed reading range, while studying is at the slow end. People who know how to skim and scan are flexible readers.