Who got 1st rank in UPSC 2013?

Who got 1st rank in UPSC 2013?

Gaurav Agrawal
2013 IAS Topper List

Rank Name Service Opted
1 Gaurav Agrawal IAS
2 Munish Sharma IAS
3 Rachit Raj IAS
4 Akshay Tripathi IAS

How many IAS officers are appointed every year?

180 IAS Officers
180 IAS Officers are Appointed Every Year After analyzing the IAS results, it is clear that around 180 candidates are selected in the Indian Administrative Services every year. However, despite the increasing or decreasing number of vacancies of other services, only 180 IAS officers are recruited every year.

How many vacancies are there in UPSC 2013?

For 2013, the number of vacancies reported was 1200, so UPSC called 1200*12.5=approx. 15,000 candidates for mains exam from the lakhs who wrote the Prelims.

Which state has most IAS officers?

As seen from the table, the maximum number of IAS officers in India is from the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar….Home States of IAS Officers in India.

Home State No. of IAS Officers in service in India
Uttar Pradesh 717
Bihar 452
Rajasthan 322
Tamil Nadu 318

Where is Kanishak Kataria posted?

Kanishak Kataria has got a posting in his home state of Rajasthan in Jaipur. After securing the first rank and fulfilling his dream of becoming an IAS officer, Kanishak Kataria, now in his new capacity, wants to work for the country’s growth and betterment.

Where is srushti Deshmukh posted?

Srushti Deshmukh (UPSC 2018 5th Topper) is recently posted in the Narsingpur District of Madhya Pradesh. Currently, she is taking charge as SDM Gadarwara of Narsingpur Distt.

Is SDO an IAS officer?

SDO are revenue officer. (c) SDO is the chief civil officer of the sub-division and One can be appointed in different departments of government like civil, electricity, engineering, water, (CPWD), central public works department Department of posts, MES (Military Engineering Services), etc.

What is the last rank for IAS?

Final rank Allocated for IAS, IPS, and IFS in 2017 (UPSC Rank Wise Post – 2017)

Services Last Rank
IAS 594
IFS 616
IPS 867
IRS (IT) 886

Who got lowest marks in UPSC interview?

Subham Kumar
This year, among the top 10 rank holders, rank one Subham Kumar has been awarded the lowest mark in the interview. Kumar comes from Kushwaha community of Bihar, which is enlisted in the OBC category. But the final list of the selected candidates does not mention the category.

Can CM transfer IAS officer?

If such requests are to be genuine, the Central government may initially send the officer on a three years deputation to a State of its choice. The situation may be reassessed after the three year period and if the situation so warrants, the Central Government may permanently transfer the officer to that State.

Who is the wife of kanishk Kataria?

Kanishak Katariya Biography

Name Kanishak Katariya
Wife Sonal Chauhan
Profession IAS Officer
Famous For UPSC 2018 Topper
Age 29 Years (in 2021)

Who is Ravi Kumar sihag?

The journey of Ravi Kumar Sihag becoming an IAS Officer is very inspiring for the youth of India who is aiming for the same field of work. Born and brought up in a small district, Sriganganagar of the state of India, Rajasthan….Marksheet of IAS Ravi Kumar Sihag.

Written Exam 820 marks
Total Marks out of 2025 988 marks

How many candidates appeared for the UPSC IAS exam in 2013?

UPSC IAS Final Results 2013 – (Total 1,122 Candidates Recommended) | IAS EXAM PORTAL – India’s Largest Community for UPSC Exam Aspirants. NEW! UPSC MAINS G.S. 12 Years Solved Papers 2. A total number of 1122 candidates have been recommended for appointment as per following break-up: 3.

How many candidates have been recommended for appointment in IAS?

A total number of 1122 candidates have been recommended for appointment as per following break-up: 3. Appointment to the various Services will be made according to the number of vacancies available with due consideration to the provisions contained in paras 2 and 19 of the Rules for the Examination.