Who is 2nd husband of Nadia Khan?

Who is 2nd husband of Nadia Khan?

Faisal Rao is Nadia Khan’s second husband, previously the actress was married to Khawar Iqbal.

What is real age of Nadia Khan?

42 years (May 22, 1979)
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Who is Nadia Khan father?

Aslam Khan
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Is Nadia Jamil married?

She is married to Ali Pervaiz and is mother to two sons Rakae and Mir Vali.

Who was Nadia Khans first husband?

Khawar Iqbal
Before Rao, she had been married to Khawar Iqbal. Khan has a daughter and a son named from her first marriage.

Is Nadia Khan son adopted?

Nadia was criticized for getting married for the second time and also pointed finger at her son Kiaan. Later, the morning show host clarified that Kiaan is her adopted son.

How old is Jia Ali?

49 years (September 8, 1972)
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How old is Nadia Jamil?

41 years (October 19, 1980)
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Who is Nusrat Jamil?

Nusrat Jamil is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Academic Family Medicine (DAFM), College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her research interests include Family Medicine, Cancer Care, Cancer Screening, Physician decision-making, Research, Women’s Health and Medical Education.

Who is Nadia 3 husband?

Faisal Mumtaz
Famous Pakistani TV personality Nadia Khan has been in the headlines, after she announced her third marriage with husband Faisal Mumtaz. Recently, taking to Instagram, the famous morning show host introduced her husband to her fans and followers and revealed in-depth details on social media.

Who is Nadia Khan first husband?

How many kids Nadia Khan husband have?

Maybe people will be very surprised to hear that Nadia Khan has 3 children from her first husband. And while her husband Faisal Rao also has a son from his first wife who is 19 years old.

When did Nadia Khan first appear on television?

Nadia Khan was first appeared on television in 1993 in a TV Show Daak Time with Uncle Sargam. Nadia Khan started her career in 1996 where she debuted Haseena Moin’s drama serial Pal Do Pal.

Where is Nadia Khan from?

Nadia Khan was born in Quetta, Balochistan. She belongs to an ethnic Pathan family from Jalandhar (India), which moved to Rawalpindi, Punjab after independence. Khan began her career in Rawalpindi. Khan made her acting debut in 1995 on the show Pal Do Pal. She appeared in Bandhan (1996), for which she won the PTV Best Actress Award.

What are the movies and TV serials of Nadia Nadia?

Nadia made her on-screen debut in the PTV drama serial ‘Bandhan’. Some of her successful drama serials include Pal Do Pal, Des Pardes, Laag, Main Aur Tum, Koi To Ho, Yeh Zindagi Hai, Kaisi Aurat Ho Tum, etc.

When did Nadia Khan return to Geo TV?

On 31 March 2012, the Nadia Khan Show returned to Geo TV as a night-time, consumer-oriented talk show.. She resumed anchoring with a brief year-long run from 2015 to 2016 of her morning show ( Nadia Khan Show) on Geo TV.