Who is BMD?

Who is BMD?

BMD is a building solutions company. For more than 75 years, BMD has been supplying lumber yards, dealers, home centers and hardware stores with the finest quality building products.

What do my BMD test results mean?

The following information should help you understand what your BMD test results mean but you should always discuss your results with your healthcare provider. Your first BMD test tells you the density of your bones at that specific time. However, it can not tell you if you have lost bone or are losing bone.

Why BMD wholesale?

An employee-owned wholesale distributor, BMD supports and grows our partners by providing unparalleled customer service, and our experienced and talented workforce makes BMD an innovative leader in our industry today.

What Concrete Accessories does BMD offer?

Our concrete accessories include QuickBuild anchor bolts, bar ties, steel form stakes, rebar caps, rapid set cement, non-shrink cement mixes, and more. BMD is partnered with Johns Manville for premium quality fiberglass rigid insulation. We provide insulation netting, radiant barrier-foil, and more.