Who is the best character in Malayalam movie?

Who is the best character in Malayalam movie?

Best character transformations in Malayalam movies in the past 20 years

  • Dileep in Kunjikkoonan (2002)
  • Mohanlal in Paradeshi (2007)
  • Mammootty in Paleri Manikyam: Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha (2009)
  • Mammootty in Kutty Srank (2009)
  • Salim Kumar in Adaminte Makan Abu (2011)
  • Lal in Ozhimuri (2012)

Which is the most interesting Malayalam movie?

Top Rated Malayalam Movies

  1. Sandesham (1991) 8.6.
  2. Kireedam (1989) 8.6.
  3. Manichithrathazhu (1993) 8.6.
  4. Nadodikattu (1987) 8.5.
  5. 5. # Home (2021) 8.5.
  6. Kumbalangi Nights (2019) 8.5.
  7. Devasuram (1993) 8.4.
  8. Chithram (1988) 8.4.

Who is the best villain in Malayalam movie?

#Rewind 2021: Best villains of Mollywood

  • 04/11Kuruthi- Umar character.
  • 05/11Kurup- Bhasi Pillai.
  • 06/11Nayattu- Biju.
  • 07/11Kuruthi- Laiq.
  • 08/11Kurup- Sukumara Kurup.
  • 09/11Kala.
  • 10/11Joji.
  • 11/11Minnal Murali.

Which Malayalam movie has the longest name?

Longest running Malayalam films records

Movies Running Days
Chithram 366 days
Shankaraabharanam 365 days
Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha 300+ days
Manichitrathazhu 314+ days

Which Malayalam movie has the longest theatrical run?

Longest Running Malayalam Movies

  • Godfather (1991) Not Rated | 150 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance.
  • Chithram (1988) 159 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical.
  • Sankarabharanam (1980) Not Rated | 143 min | Drama, Music, Romance.
  • A Northern Story of Valor (1989)
  • Manichithrathazhu (1993)
  • Yaathra (1985)
  • Kilukkam (1991)
  • Hitler (1996)

What’s a good villain name?

Villainous Names for Both Guys and Girls

Angel Slayer Whitewash Cyclone
West End Bandit Rampage Venom
Genesis Bedlam Omega
Crimson Felon Glitch
Flux Monster of Edbury Hill Schism

Is LOC Kargil hit or flop?


First Week: 10,62,00,000
Budget: 33,00,00,000
India Gross: 26,53,00,000
Overseas Gross: $1,130,000
Worldwide Gross: 31,67,15,000

What is the longest word in Malayalam?

“madhu vidhu raavukal” മധു വിധു രാവുകൾ (Honey moon nights)

Which movie run most days in Kerala?

Pillai , Mukesh, Thilakan, Bheeman Raghu, Kanaka, Innocent, Siddique, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Philomina and Jagadish. Showcased for more than 410 days, Godfather was a blockbuster and is the longest running Malayalam movie in theatres till the date. Godfather won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Popular Film.

Which Malayalam movie run most days in Kerala?

Who is the best actor alive?

The 50 best actors working today, from box-office titans to essential scene-stealers

  • THE LEGENDS. Al Pacino in “The Godfather: Part II.” This iconic actor, and a handful of others, are still performing at a high level.
  • Glenn Close.
  • Judi Dench.
  • Robert De Niro.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Morgan Freeman.
  • Tom Hanks.
  • Anthony Hopkins.

What are the most famous Malayalam dialogues that people still remember?

ANSWER : The most famous malayalam dialogues especially from movies that people still remember are Reference Picture : Suresh Gopi delivering the iconic dialogue of Malayalam cinema when a politician questioned him over his disrespect behaviour towards their creed.

Why do Malayalees love dialogues so much?

Even before trolls and memes became a thing, cinema dialogues were the Malayalees’ way of conveying things with a punch or humour. In fact, some dialogues have become common usage in Kerala’s socio-cultural space. And in the past two decades, the lingo in Malayalam cinema has reflected the change in slang among the new generation.

Did you know Mammootty had a dialogue from a Malayalam movie?

The dialogue is from Malayalam movie Big B, where Mammootty essays the role of Bilal, a deadly gangster from Kochi, Kerala. The movie’s dialogue is till date recalled by the fans of Mammootty, who are eagerly waiting for the sequel of the 2007 hit movie.

How do Keralites use iconic dialogues from Malayalam movies in their lives?

From using some iconic dialogues as proverbs to using some punch lines in certain situations, a Keralite’s life is always connected with movies. Here’s take a look at the five iconic dialogues from Malayalam movies that Keralites use in their day-to-day lives.