Who is the best FlipTop in Philippines?

Who is the best FlipTop in Philippines?

Here are the Top 10 Fliptop Rap Battle Emcees in the Philippines

  • Bassilyo. Lordivino Ignacio, better known as Bassilyo, is a Filipino rapper.
  • J-Skeelz. The Philippines J-Skeelz also is known as Roberto Boy Paos is a Filipino battle rapper from Tondo, Manila Philippines.
  • Loonie.
  • Smugglaz.
  • Sinio.
  • Shernan.
  • Zaito.
  • BLKD.

Who is the father of FlipTop?

Alaric Riam Yuson
Alaric Riam Yuson: The father of Fliptop (First of four parts) MANILA, Philippines — FlipTop Kru is supposed to be an events and artist managing organization with its first project in the FlipTop Battle League.

Who is Anygma in FlipTop?

Founded by 26-year-old Alaric Riam Yuson (better known as Anygma) along with two others, FlipTop – to the perennial frustation of the league – has become a widely-used (erroneous) term for a rap battle.

Is FlipTop a Balagtasan?

As such, some academics have called Fliptop the modern Balagtasan—to the dismay of some battle rappers. Most of us are familiar with Francisco Balagtas because his metrical romance “Florante at Laura.”

Who is tipsy D?

Tipsy D is a Filipino battle rapper from Philippines. He currently has 27 battles catalogued, which total 199,910,752 views.

Who is the father of Filipino rap?

Francis Magalona

Francis Magalona
Also known as Francis M Master Rapper The Man From Manila Kiko The Mouth The Filipino King of Rap
Born October 4, 1964 Manila, Philippines
Died March 6, 2009 (aged 44) The Medical City, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Genres Hip hop alternative hip hop rap rock political hip hop

How old is abra rapper?

31 years (December 2, 1990)

Who is Aklas?

Aklas (real name: Philip Ching) is a Filipino battle rapper from Guimaras Island, Philippines. He currently has 29 battles catalogued, which total 88,917,792 views.

Who is the richest battle rapper?

Murda Mook net worth: Murda Mook is an American rapper who has a net worth of $250 thousand dollars. Murda Mook is known for being part of the rap battle scene.

Why Balagtasan is well known?

Balagtasan became so popular after the first contest that a big competition was held in 1925 between the two most popular Tagalog poets at the time, Jose Corazon de Jesus (who used the pen name Huseng Batute) and Florentino Collantes (who used the name Kuntil Butil). The balagtasan is a verbal joust in verse.

Why is FlipTop considered the modern day Balagtasan?

It is easy for someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of hip hop and alternative rap to pick up FlipTop as “the modern Balagtasan” mainly because of the two elements present: verbal joust and the seeming rhyme and meter when the rappers battling (called emcees or MCs) drop their bars or verses.

Where is Smugglaz?

Smugglaz is a Filipino battle rapper from Philippines. He currently has 14 battles catalogued, which total 126,129,352 views.