Who made the stairs in Rio de Janeiro?

Who made the stairs in Rio de Janeiro?

Before dying Selaron was officially recognized for his job: he became a honorary citizen of Rio – an important honor for a man who dedicated 23 years of his life to make the stairs! Like I mentioned earlier, Selaron Staircase is located in between two very lively neighborhoods, Lapa RJ and Santa Teresa.

What is the Selaron staircase in Rio?

One of the most important touristic sites of Rio de Janeiro is this colorful piece of art called Selaron Staircase. In English it translates as the Selaron stairs. Located in the legendary neighborhood of Lapa, it’s easy to reach and definitely a must see while visiting the Cidade Maravilhosa. Who built Selaron Stairs?

Why are the red tiles on the steps in Rio de Janeiro?

These red tiles Selaron started to add after finishing the steps themselves in 2000. Red was his favorite color, and also one of the main color of a Chilean flag. As Selaron’s work became more well-known, he started to receive ceramic tiles as a gift from travelers that visited Rio de Janeiro.

How many steps are there in Rio de Janeiro?

The steps Running from Joaquim Silva street and Pinto Martins street, officially known as Manuel Carneiro street, the steps straddle the Lapa and Santa Teresa neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. There are 215 steps measuring 125 metres long, which are covered in over 2000 tiles collected from over 60 countries around the world.