Who owns Flotta oil terminal?

Who owns Flotta oil terminal?

Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited
Flotta oil terminal

Refinery details
Owner(s) Occidental (1974–1991), Elf Enterprises (1991–2000), Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited (since 2000)
Commissioned 1976
Capacity 375,000 barrels/day (2017)
No. of employees 275 (in 1987), 200 (in 1995)

When was Flotta oil terminal built?

The Flotta Terminal is located on the island of Flotta in the Orkney Islands just north of mainland Scotland. It was commissioned in 1977, with Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited becoming the major shareholder and operator in May 2000.

Where is Flotta?

Flotta (/ˈflɒtə/) is a small island in Orkney, Scotland, lying in Scapa Flow. The island is known for its large oil terminal and is linked by Orkney Ferries to Houton on the Orkney Mainland, Lyness on Hoy and Longhope on South Walls. The island has a population of 80.

How big is Flotta?

3.382 mi²

Is there a shop on Flotta?

Flotta’s rich history Flottarians are very proud of their island, and great people. Make sure you visit the shop! Davie and Marina Sinclair’s shop is something else – A real old-time country shop, with a counter and all. Marina and daughter Phyllis love to have a chat with their customers.

Where is Sullom terminal?

the Shetland Islands
The Sullom Voe Terminal is located at the northern end of the largest of the Shetland Islands. It is one of the largest oil terminals in Europe. The terminal was built between 1975 and 1981 and covers 1,000 acres.

When was Sullom Voe built?

1975 and 1981

What is Sullom?

Sullom Voe, petroleum terminal and port in the north of the island of Mainland, Shetland Islands, Scotland. One of the largest facilities of its kind in Europe, Sullom Voe handled more than one-fourth of the United Kingdom’s petroleum production in the late 1990s and employed about 500 people.

How many people work at Sullom Voe?

When the oil terminal was at the height of its production, 70 MWe would be used from five gas turbines by the plant, but less is needed now. It employs around twenty people.

How does Shetland get its electricity?

Existing arrangements. Most of Shetland’s electricity is currently supplied by two fossil-fuel power stations, with the remainder being supplied by wind generators.

What does Voe mean in Shetland?

A voe is an inlet in the Shetland islands of Scotland.

Are Shetlands gassy?

The Shetland Islands comprise more than a hundred islands, with just fifteen of them inhabited. There is no gas supply to properties on the islands, and heating needs are met by oil and electricity.

What is the Flotta oil terminal?

The Flotta oil terminal is a major crude oil reception, processing, storage and export facility on the island of Flotta, in the south of Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. It receives and processes crude oil delivered by a subsea pipeline from the Piper, Claymore, Tartan and Golden Eagle platforms and associated fields.

What is the Flotta pipeline?

The main Flotta Catchment Area (FCA) pipeline runs from these two fields to the Flotta Terminal in the Orkney Islands. Oil and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) are separated and exported at the terminal.Terminal and pipeline capacityThe Flotta terminal facilities can handle up to 375,000 b/d throughput and receive live crude spiked with NGL.

What is Flotta famous for?

Flotta. Flotta is a small island in Orkney, Scotland, lying in Scapa Flow. The island is known for its large oil terminal and is linked by Orkney Ferries to Houton on the Orkney Mainland and Lyness and Longhope on Hoy. The island has a population of 80.

Where can you find seals on Flotta?

Flotta has a seal colony at Stanger Head, at the south-east corner of the island. The Royal Navy planted 1000 spruce trees during the Second World War, which are situated between Sutherland Pier and the oil terminal, in the vicinity of the Naval Cinema. About 10% of the spruce trees survive.