Who owns Hilcorp Energy?

Who owns Hilcorp Energy?

Jeffrey Hildebrand
REAL TIME NET WORTH Jeffrey Hildebrand cofounded Hilcorp in 1990; he later bought out his partner for $500 million. In 2020 Hilcorp finalized the $5.6 billion acquisition of BP’s assets in Alaska. He has built Hilcorp into America’s biggest privately owned oil company (by production volumes).

What does hilcorp energy do?

Hilcorp Energy Company operates as an oil exploration company. The Company provides oil, petrol, and natural gas. Hilcorp Energy serves customers in the United States.

Who owns Hill Corp?

Jeffery Hildebrand (born 1959) is an American billionaire businessman, who is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Hilcorp Energy Company.

Is hilcorp publicly traded?

Operations. Hilcorp is one of the largest, privately held exploration and production companies in the United States.

Does hilcorp pay well?

Every five years, Hilcorp sets lofty performance goals. The current program, Northbound 275, will reward performance with up to $75,000 in 2020 for meeting companywide goals.

What is hilcorp worth?

Houston-based Hilcorp Energy, launched in 1989, is the nation’s fourth largest private producer of onshore crude and natural gas, with annual revenue in excess of $900 million.

How many employees does hilcorp have?

With a workforce of nearly 3,000 dedicated professionals, we strive to achieve our vision through continuous improvement each and every day in all aspects of our business – safety, environmental protection and production.

How much is Jeff Hildebrand worth?

6.6 billion USD (2022)
Jeffery Hildebrand/Net worth

What company gave employees 100000 bonus?

Hilcorp veterans are no strangers to big rewards: employees received $100,000 bonuses in 2015 and a prior incentive program gave them the choice of a new car or cash.

Is hilcorp a good company?

93% of employees at Hilcorp Energy Company say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

Is hilcorp energy a good company?

Hilcorp Energy is an excellent place to work. While working their it seems like a family where everybody cared about their work and other peoples work. I felt the management extremely supportive of their employees. They also rewarded ALL employees very well for success.

Who owns Alaska oil?

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska voted 4-1 in December 2020 to allow Hilcorp Energy Co. to acquire BP’s Alaska oil and gas assets for $5.6 billion, a transaction described as the biggest Alaskan business deal in a generation. It involved one of the state’s most important pieces of economic infrastructure.

Who is the senior vice president at Hilcorp Energy?

Mr. Brezina holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Lamar University and Master’s Degree from the University of Houston. David Buehring Senior Vice President – Technical Services David Buehring is Senior Vice President, Technical Services. Mr. Buehring joined Hilcorp Energy in May 1997.

Who is the marketing manager at Hilcorp?

Ferrell joined Hilcorp in 2001 as Marketing Manager and has been involved with marketing in all areas of Hilcorp’s production since then.

What does Steve Ferrell do at Hilcorp?

Steve Ferrell is Senior Vice President of Marketing of Hilcorp Energy Company. Mr. Ferrell joined Hilcorp in 2001 as Marketing Manager and has been involved with marketing in all areas of Hilcorp’s production since then.

What does Mike Jenkins do at Hilcorp?

Mike Jenkins is the Vice President of Acquisitions & Divestitures and New Ventures for Hilcorp Energy Company. Mr. Jenkins joined Hilcorp in 2012 and has served in various roles, including A&D Geologist, Asset Team Leader, Exploration Advisor, and Vice President New Ventures.