Who owns Super Car Guys Wichita KS?

Who owns Super Car Guys Wichita KS?

Scott Pitman
Super Car Guys owner Scott Pitman wanted him to do the ads, based on a crazy car owner in North Carolina.

What happened to the super car guys guy?

Former ‘Crazy Car Guy’ pitchman pleads guilty to meth possession in Wichita drug probe. 7, 2020, after finding the cache of illegal drugs while serving a search warrant at Wirtz’s address in the 200 block of North Summitlawn, near Maple and Ridge.

Is Super Car Guys a buy here pay here?

We don’t operate like a Buy Here Pay Here lot, either. Come by and see all of our late-model, low-mileage cars, experience the different way you are treated, and see for yourself why we are leading Wichita in helping people just like you!

Who are the Super Car Guys?

We are the Super Heroes of Cars and Credit, revolutionizing the way cars are bought and sold in Wichita, Kansas, and beyond. Every Super Car Gu…… Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Super Car Guys.

Is supersuper car guys in Wichita a joke?

Super car guys in Wichita is a joke. They told me that they could get me in a car with 0 down and my car trade in over the phone. I set up the interview, go to Wichita and they tell me I only qualify for 3 cars, and when financing comes to talk to me they wanted 1500-2500 down!!!

What are the hours of operation for Super Car Guys?

Sales: 9am-9pm Service: 7:30am-6pm THE USED CAR MONSTERS OF KANSAS! Discovering what your trade is worth is the first step if you’re thinking to upgrade. We have 3 locations for you to choose from! Welcome to Super Car Guys! Save time, money and headaches. Shop with confidence knowing that your financing has already been approved. Have no fear!

Why choose Wichita Auto Group?

Safe, family environment (If you have a spouse, they will appreciate this). We serve the Wichita, Kansas area and we are blessed and fortunate to own 8 automotive, finance & insurance related companies and 2 Ministry Non-Profit organizations and business is BETTER than it’s ever been! Come in today and see how we can put you in the car you want!