Who owns Travian?

Who owns Travian?

Gerhard Müller

Original author(s) Gerhard Müller
Platform Web browser
Available in 41 languages
Type Real-time military strategy City-building
Licence Freemium

How does Travian work?

Each Travian server ends with the “end game” sequence. For normal servers the sequence begins after about 280 days, and for Speed3x servers,it starts after about 80 days. The first player to build their World Wonder to level 100 wins the server, which stops and restarts after a period of time (generally about 3 weeks).

Is Travian legends pay to win?

Games these days are pay-to-win and travian is NO exception. They try to “balance” it, but with cages, bandages, buckets, potions, goldcards the game it just NOT fair. Why can’t we have a server like the test-server where everyone gets 200 gold every week and can spend it how they like it.

What kind of game is Travian?

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
City-building gameReal-time tacticsTactical wargame

How do you win in Travian?

Travian for Dummies: Top 5 Early Game Tips

  1. The main goal is to create a second village as early as you can, so keep your eyes on the prize.
  2. Focus on completing the task list.
  3. Join an alliance as fast as possible.
  4. Raid oases as much as possible, especially using your Hero.
  5. Try to catch natural units with hero cages.

What’s the difference between Travian legends and kingdoms?

T:L has midgame artefacts, TK doesn’t. Kingdoms has cheaper troop training costs and they don’t cost crop. Gold: Gold is cheaper, instant finish system reworked, npc trade is more expensive, introduced merchant instant delivery & tribute instant delivery & stolen goods instant delivery.

What happens when hero dies Travian?

What you see when your hero is dead. The amount of resources and time it will take to revive your hero depends on your tribe and the level of your hero. Please note that you can only revive your hero in a village with a rally point.

What happens when you win Travian?

The holder of the winning Wonder of the World will receive a Travian Gold Voucher worth 1600 Gold. All the owners of a Wonder of the World which is at least level 1 will receive 5 entry keys each for the Tournament Finals.

Is Travian still a thing?

Look, travian is still successful, there are many browser games which are alive. Some of them survived for many years like Virtonomics (9 years) and they keep generating income. I think today the best way is to make a browser game which will be also a steam PC game and Android game.

How do you win at Travian?

How many troops should I have Travian?

I would suggest having at least 2,000 defense troops in all villages and as many as possible in your capital (abbreviation: cap). The alliance will always need as much as possible! This does not only apply to defenders!!! Attacking players too should have defense.

How do I heal my hero in Travian?

You can obtain Ointments either as a reward from an adventure or by winning them at the auctions. Once you have Ointments you can use them by going to your hero’s attributes page and scrolling down to your items. Simply click on your Ointments and enter a number of Ointments to use to heal your hero instantly.

What is the Travian wiki?

This Wiki is designed to help guide you through the ancient world of Travian: Kingdoms. It covers the most important aspects of game play. Players can add their own strategies and insights as well. Each player starts the game as the leader of a small, undeveloped village, surrounded by undeveloped resource fields.

What are the best games to play on Travian?

Travian is a great game because it reward skills, experiences and commitment. If you can’t play hard, don’t be upset but just stick with Farmville and Cafe World. Tribe: Start with Gauls. Both Romans and Teutons are for experienced players. Quadrant: The game allows you to choose your quadrant.

What are the best objectives to do in Travian?

Following is some recommended challenging objectives: Produce some Theutates Thunder and show others that you can attack and dominate. Settling the second city is the most important step in Travian. Build up your Residence, and train 3 settlers. Take a look at your rank to enjoy your success.

Should I play Travian on my first server?

Most top players also play badly in their first server. So, don’t worry. Travian is a great game because it reward skills, experiences and commitment. If you can’t play hard, don’t be upset but just stick with Farmville and Cafe World. Tribe: Start with Gauls.