Who was Gianni Agnelli?

Who was Gianni Agnelli?

Gianni Agnelli was, and forever will be, considered the King of Style. Gianni’s grandfather, Giovanni Agnelli, founded Fiat, the largest manufacturer of vehicles during inter-war Europe.

What happened to Gianni Agnelli’s brother Umberto?

Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, the son of Gianni’s younger brother, Umberto Agnelli, died of a rare form of cancer in 1997 at age 33 while he was being groomed by his uncle to head the Fiat Group.

How did Marella Agnelli become an Agnelli?

Becoming an Agnelli. When she married the dashing Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli, in 1953, Marella Agnelli entered a very different world from the conservative, aristocratic circles of her youth, a life of streamlined yachts, fast cars, and glamorous parties.

Who is Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli?

Gianni Agnelli (left) with his grandfather and Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli Sr. in 1940. Agnelli was born in Turin, but maintained strong ties with the village of Villar Perosa, near Turin in the Piedmont region.

Giovanni Agnelli reigned for thirty years as one of the most prominent industrialists in Europe, spending his youth as one of the most notorious playboys in Europe. Born in Turin, Italy, he was known as Gianni Agnelli or “L’Avvocato” (the lawyer) because he once received a law degree.

Who is Gianni Agnelli’s grandson John Elkann?

Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, Gianni’s nephew, who died of cancer in 1997, had been in line to take control of the family companies. In 1997 Gianni publicly announced that his grandson, John Elkann, who was then 21, would succeed him as the head of the family empire.

Who is the lawyer of the Agnelli family?

Franzo Grande Stevens (1928–), is the lawyer of the family. In 2009 he was prosecuted for market manipulation in the equity swap of Ifi-Ifil (now Exor), Agnelli’s holding company and Fiat’s financial company.

What is the book Agnelli and the network of Italian power?

Agnelli and the network of italian power. London: Mandarin Paperback via Octopus Publishing Gr. ISBN 978-0-7493-0093-7. ^ “Fiat and the Agnelli family: Near-death experience: The rise and fall and rise of Italy’s premier car manufacturer”.