Who would win in a fight Batman or Ultron?

Who would win in a fight Batman or Ultron?

So, yes, with a little bit of prep (which Batman kinda gets against every super powered villain), Bats can win this. Whereas a straight up accidental meet leading up to a fight will almost always go towards Ultron.

Can Ultron defeat Superman?

Superman himself can beat Ultron’s physical body, which is proven in the comics. But Ultron can keep coming back as he’s literally in the internet. Unless he gets thrown out, like Vision did to Ultron in Avengers 2. Yes, Ultron can win if he gets his hands on some kryptonite.

Who can defeat Ultron in Marvel?

10 Arnim Zola Has Proven He Is Able To Take Control Of Ultron’s Army To Turn It Against Him. The last surviving members of the Avengers in Infinity Ultron’s universe were Black Widow and Hawkeye, who launched a final mission to find a secret weapon against the increasingly powerful villain.

What can defeat Ultron?

6 Marvel Characters Who Could Defeat Ultron

  • Cypher. Cypher from Marvel could defeat Ultron.
  • Many-Angled Ones. Once upon a time, the Marvel Universe found itself threatened by a reality that had managed to escape Death.
  • Madison Jeffries.
  • Franklin Richards.
  • The Griever.
  • Heroic Version of Vision.

Can Ultron beat Wonder Woman?

2 CAN DEFEAT: WONDER WOMAN This puts Wonder Woman and Ultron at a physical stalemate. Ultron can’t have a physical edge against Wonder Woman because of her superior fighting skills, however, that presents a problem in itself since Ultron could adapt and learn from their fight.

Who would win in a fight Cyborg vs Ultron?

Ultron wins. Ultron. Cyborg might be tough but ultron is invisible and can match iron man who could easily hack and beat cyborg.

Is Ultron the most powerful?

Ultron’s a character who has progressed so exponentially throughout the decades ever since his first appearance back in 1968. Now, there’s an Ultron that can fly, an Ultron that’s invulnerable, and an Ultron more powerful than Thanos with Infinity Stones/Gems.

Can Cyborg beat vision?

Cyborg is also the smartest thing, he can easilly think of a plan within 5 seconds to defeat Vision. Vision is artificial, whereas Cyborg is par alien, because he was born from the mother box. It may be a close fight, but Cyborg would win.

Can Ultron beat Thanos?

Ultron’s weaponry combine Stark and Chitauri technology, and while his energy blasts are deadly, they still wouldn’t be enough to defeat Thanos. In a fight without any Infinity Stones, however, Thanos would destroy Ultron, further cementing him as one of the MCU’s deadliest threats.

Is Ultron stronger than watcher?

suggests The Watcher is weaker than Ultron. To balance the scales, The Watcher has created a master plan that is on par with Doctor Strange’s Avengers: Endgame plan. He knows how everything must play out and his part is to create the portals to allow his pawns to fall into place and eventually trap Ultron.