Why are there so many wrecks at Tangalooma?

Why are there so many wrecks at Tangalooma?

Located just north of the Tangalooma Island Resort are the Tangalooma Wrecks, a cluster of ships scuttled by the Queensland Government between 1963 and 1984 to provide safe anchorage spot for recreational boat owners on the eastern side of Moreton Bay.

How deep are Tangalooma wrecks?

Tangalooma Wrecks are accessible to Open Water certified scuba divers. Our maximum depth was 12.5 metres and our average depth around 7 metres. The ships were sunk on purpose to create a shelter for smaller boats. There are 15 wrecks in a line that you can explore one after the other.

Can you snorkel the Tangalooma wrecks without a tour?

You will also need to be a solid swimmer to go snorkelling without a tour or guide, as it’s about 50 metres from the shore to the Wrecks, across a rather deep (and ominous-looking) channel. But don’t let that worry you, on a normal weekend there are heaps of people swimming across to the Wrecks on their own.

Are there sharks at Tangalooma?

Lifeguards are advising swimmers and divers to stay out of the water after a shark was spotted near the Tangalooma wrecks off Moreton Island. Sharks are like dogs. They only bite when you touch their private parts. Sharks have always been at the wrecks!

How do I get to Tangalooma wrecks?

The easiest way to get to Tangalooma Island Resort is via our Passenger Ferries. There are multiple ferries all departing from our Holt Street Wharf in Brisbane at various times throughout the day. If you are looking to visit Tangalooma just for the day, you can book one of our day cruises here.

Can you fish at Tangalooma Wrecks?

Fishing or netting is not permitted in the gazetted dolphin feeding area at any time. Shark fishing is not permitted (This includes Wobbegong Sharks) Lures with multiple hooks are not permitted to be used from the jetty due to danger to other guests on the jetty (Plastic baits are acceptable)

Are there sharks Moreton Island?

Many many people frollick in the waters on the bay side of Moreton ( where you will likely stay anyway) quite happily. There is very good snorkelling, watersports and dolphin feeding at night as well as calm clear water for you to enjoy. Sharks are seldom seen but tend to remain in deeper water.

What fish can you catch at Tangalooma?

Beach fishing provides opportunities to land Jewfish, Trevally, Tailor, Dart, Whiting, Bream and Flathead throughout the year. Whiting are caught on the western beach(calm side) all the way from Tangalooma to North Point, winter is a great time for fishing.

Where are the Tangalooma Wrecks located?

Each of the wrecks is named: Where are the Tangalooma Wrecks located? The sunken ship wrecks on Moreton Island are just a 15-20 minute walk up the beach from Tangalooma Island Resort. It’s not hard to find the wrecks as they cast an iconic silhouette, with the best photos taken at low tide and sunset.

Is it safe to swim at Tangalooma?

The Tangalooma wrecks are an unpatrolled beach meaning there is no lifesavers on duty. There are also a large number of inexperienced boats and jet skis passing through between the wrecks and the beachfront, so please take care when swimming across.

What to do at Tangalooma Island Resort?

Tangalooma Island Resort recommends that guests join the guided Wrecks Snorkel Tour. Discover a hidden world under the sea by diving and exploring the shipwrecks at Tangalooma. The wrecks are home to a variety of different reef fish, coral formations and marine life.