Why did Deception get Cancelled?

Why did Deception get Cancelled?

The cancellation was due to declining viewership- the pilot episode had 5.9 million viewers, but later episodes could only hold 1 or 2 million viewers at most ABC canceled the series for the next episodes, which had low ratings. However, the second season of this series was canceled.

How many series of deception are there?

Deception/Number of seasons

What happens at the end of deception?

Hence, Cam decides he’s going to break out his brother. But Johnny doesn’t want to break out with him. Instead, he knocks Cam out and switches places with him, leaving Cam to rot in jail, turning over the map to MW. And with that, the series ends.

Will there be a second series of deception?

Deception has been cancelled so there won’t be a second season.

Is there a season 2 of the deceived?

Although the series ends on something of a cliffhanger, it hasn’t been renewed for a second series. However, the show creators Lisa McGee and Tobias Beer have previously revealed that they would like to see it happen!

Is Jack cutmore-Scott a twin?

Cameron has his own agenda for working with the FBI — and it has something to do with a deep, dark family secret no one is aware of just yet: He has a twin brother, Jonathan (also Cutmore-Scott), and he’s desperate to break him out of prison.

Is deception series on Netflix?

Is the show on Netflix? The show has yet to drop on Netflix in any region.

Has deceived finished?

What happened at the end of The Deceived? In a shock plot twist, fans discovered it was actually Roisin who had killed student Annabelle – not Michael. Annabelle had gone to their house to retrieve the manuscript for her book, which Michael had stolen and claimed as his own.

How many episodes of the deceived 2020 are there?

four episodes
How many episodes of The Deceived will there be? The Deceived will be comprised of a very bingeable four episodes.

Who did Meaghan Rath marry?

Jack Cutmore-Scottm. 2020
Meaghan Rath/Spouse

What is Meaghan Rath nationality?

Meaghan Rath/Nationality

Rath was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her mother is of Indian Goan heritage. Her father is of English and Austrian-Jewish descent. She has a younger brother, Jesse Rath, who is also an actor.

Is there a season 2 of deception on ABC?

Deception: Cancelled; No Season Two for ABC TV Show. Let’s not fool ourselves. The Deception TV show has been cancelled by ABC after just one season. The mid-season replacement made its debut on March 11, 2018, but even smoke and mirrors couldn’t disguise its lackluster Nielsen ratings performance.

How many seasons of ‘deception’ are there?

Seasons: One. TV show dates: March 11, 2018 — May 27, 2018. Series status: Cancelled. Performers include: Jack Cutmore-Scott, Ilfenesh Hadera, Lenora Crichlow, Amaury Nolasco, Justin Chon, Laila Robins, and Vinnie Jones. TV show description: From creator Chris Fedak, the Deception TV show centers on illusionist Cameron Black…

Is Cooper Barrett’s ‘deception’ cancelled?

This is his second series in as many years not to survive past its freshman outing. Fox cancelled his comedy, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life after just one season in 2016. The first season of Deception is averaging a 0.79 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 3.84 million viewers.

What are the ratings for deception on ABC?

The first season of Deception is averaging a 0.79 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 3.84 million viewers. Find out how Deception stacks up against other ABC TV shows.