Why did you choose aviation as a career?

Why did you choose aviation as a career?

Improve your flight skillsPilots never stop learning since they undergo continuous training to improve their skills. It’s a career that keeps you sharp and in-demand. Advance your careerThe aviation industry opens doors to a variety of exclusive career paths.

Why do you want to become a cabin crew best answer?

Do this by aligning your reasons for wanting to become Cabin Crew with the key competencies of the job: I’m passionate about delivering excellent customer service. Always seeking ways to go above and beyond to help customers. Love working in teams and helping colleagues.

What is aviation industry interview questions and answers?

Common Questions Asked in an Aviation Job InterviewWhat motivated you to join the aviation industry?Why do you want to be an air-hostess/pilot (any other job role)?What do you know about our airline?Why do you want to change your job?What will your first 60 days at this job look like?

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