Why does everyone want to go to Harvard?

Why does everyone want to go to Harvard?

Harvard is a place where “stuff happens” and “people of unique abilities often end up” and the place “people achieve their dream.” In reality, students attending Harvard get a pretty good education, good post-graduate academic and career opportunities, a great alumni network and a nice-looking diploma.

Why is it difficult to get into Harvard?

Part of applying to Harvardor to any other highly competitive collegeis facing the reality of extremely low acceptance rates. Given the large number of well-prepared students applying to long lists of top colleges, there simply isn’t enough room for these colleges to accept all qualified applicants.

Is studying at Harvard difficult?

When Harvard students work harder academically, it’s pretty intense. It also takes a lot of time. The classes have lots of reading, challenging problem sets, papers, etc. Overall, it’s a good experience to be academically challenged like that for the first time.

How much sleep do Harvard students get?

three hours